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During this last week of July, we went live with Alex Mascioli, co-founder of Trade The Chain and Sent Token, to learn more about the Trade, the chain community, how the token interacts with it and what he makes of the crypto markets.

Our lovely host Dustin moderated the session, who you might recognize if you’ve listened to any of our Podcasts before.

A few highlights we touched upon

  • the importance of building a business where customers want you to succeed
  • the fascination of crypto (7:27) and it being a continuous educational process
  • Trade The Chain and what their Analytics can provide traders with and their journey from an idea to an enthusiastic community (14:00)
  • Twitter, YouTube Scammers and how not to fall for these things (21:30)
  • SENT Staking and other features coming (26:40)
  • What’s the Winners Circle? (35:30)

and many more. You can find the recording of the session on YouTube or watch it below:



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