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SENT Token listing on Exchange Exchange is listing the SENT token with USDT pair on June 23rd at 10:00 UTC. SENT is the native governance token of the Trade the Chain community, which veterans with backgrounds in asset management, prime brokerage, journalism, and more built to help traders make better decisions.

The Trade the Chain community gives crypto enthusiasts access to AI-driven sentiment indicators, which help them beat the market and make better trading decisions. The platform leverages technology to parse through thousands of media sources in multiple languages to deliver actionable insights and provide members with trading opportunities.

The team behind Trade the Chain recognized the importance of fostering the reciprocal relationship between their platform and their members and created the SENT token to engage and reward their members. SENT is a multi-faceted token incentivizing holders through exclusive offers, discounts, and other exciting opportunities from Trade the Chain and its partner ecosystem.

SENT prioritizes its community and ensures fair distribution of tokens. Token holders participate in the governance of the project from the very start, including voting on ecosystem fees, the SENT rewards program structure, how the Trade the Chain 2.0 platform will interface with the SENT token, and interfacing with the advisory council to ensure impact resolutions are passed. Exchange CEO Danish Chaudhry highlights the community aspect: “SENT is a great example of projects putting community first. There will be several benefits to Trade The Chain members holding this token, and we’re excited to be the first launch venue for this new token.”

Despite being a reasonably young token, SENT is already partnering with the popular cryptocurrency Dash to enable lower fees for SENT token holders and accepting dash payments for memberships. Another partner includes decentralized exchange Zero that hosted the fair SENT launch.

To celebrate the listing of the SENT token, Exchange is hosting a 10-day trading competition with a prize pool of $20,000 SENT, giving traders the chance to win the exciting token and participate in Trade the Chain. For more information on the competition and to sign up for the trading competition, click here.

Alex Mascioli, Co-Founder of Trade The Chain, added that “Trade The Chain and Exchange both share a community-first mentality, and they are an ideal partner for the first SENT listing. We’re excited to partner with them and look forward to seeing how the trading competition turns out.”

As sentiment continues to dictate crypto markets and more traders look for better ways to make decisions, Trade The Chain and SENT offer a unique proposition for anyone wanting to trade like a professional.



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