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SPICE up your trading in our 1 Million SPICE Trading Competition🌶️

Sitting at home all day long, saving lives can be boring. To make it less boring, you can SPICE it up in our 1 Million SPICE trading competition.

Never heard of SPICE?

No worries. The TLDR is that SPICE is a Simple-Ledger-Protocol Token(SLP) that is used to tip for good content. It has quickly grown into a popular token in the cryptocurrency community and is actively used to tip across different telegram channels. For a more detailed introduction, have a look here or check out this video.

To increase SPICE awareness and showcase to anyone how easy and fast SLP tokens are, we’re running a Trading Competition on all SLP Pairs with 1,000,000 Million SPICE in Prizes. We’ve also allocated 200,000 SPICE for a deposit lucky draw.

Here is what you need to know.

When are the competition and promotion going on?

The competition starts on April 4th 0:01 UTC +1 and ends one week later on April 11th 23:59 UTC +1.

How can I participate?

Trading Competition: Start trading SLP-pairs on our Exchange during the competition period. SLP pairs include FLEX, Sideshift, ACD, SPICE, HONK, GoCrypto and HonestCoin

Deposit Promotion: Deposit more than 1000 SPICE on the exchange during the promotion period for a chance to win.

How are prizes distributed? 🏆

Trading Competition: The top 3 traders with the highest trading volume will share 1 Million SPICE in the following way:

  1. 500,000 SPICE
  2. 200,000 SPICE
  3. 100,000 SPICE

Deposit Promotion: At the end of the promotion, we will draw 100 traders who deposited more than 1000 SPICE to receive 2000 SPICE each.

What else do I need to know?

Wash your hands, not your trades. 🧼🖐️

You can find the rest of the T&Cs here.



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