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Student Coin AMA Re-cap

This week, on May 18th at 17:00 UTC we welcomed the CEO of Student Coin, Wojciech Podobas to our community channel for an AMA.

Student Coin is aiming to bring together blockchain education with a platform that allows anyone to benefit from the concept of tokenization.

We learned more about the mission behind Student Coin and plans for the future. Read on to catch up on the most important things we covered.

Question: Do you think STC will be considered as a security because it will pay cyclical payments?

Wojciech: STC users will be able to get cyclical payments for fundamentally backed staking and liquidity mining — similar as at Uniswap. As we all know, this is a popular practice in the crypto world and it distinguishes from traditional dividends in many ways.

The community members who will receive the cyclical payments will have no revenue share, no right to the ownership of the company, no right to vote on the matters of corporate policy. However, the users will be able to participate in community votings (e.g. logo choice) that are not equal to the voting rights of shareholders. STC is not a security as it is stated in legal opinions and it won’t be a security.”

Question: There’s a lot of talk about crypto projects focusing their platforms and tokens around education, what in your opinion makes Student Coin different?

Danish: Well the team behind Student Coin have really put together a good vision for their project, outside of education as one of their main focal points, they have the first platform that allows wide-scale tokenization for people, organisations, corporations, startups and decentralized finances (DeFi).”

Question: How are you managing funds raised through your ICO?

Wojciech: “The funds raised during the ICO enable us to realize our development plan and implement products — such as Wallet App or Exchange. What’s more, we got listed on a few exchanges such as or KuCoin and we are still working on next ones. We also use the budget to keep the price stable and establish several partnerships.”

Question: In your opinion Danish, how will the community within Exchange benefit with this project outside of buying, trading and holding STC tokens?

Danish: In one word, Education. Their background says it all to be fair. Student Coin is the first cryptocurrency directly related to a network of universities that helps in promoting blockchain values and building a big international community. The Student Coin is run by students, faculties, and entrepreneurs from over 20 universities across the globe.”

Question: When will deposits to the STC wallet be available?

Wojciech: A few partnerships are already announced, however more is yet to come! We are working on implementing this utility to the STC wallet and we will announce once it’s done!”

Question: After the launch of the STC Exchange, do you or a member of your team plan on making rounds to CNN, CNBC and other top business TV and radio stations across the globe?

Wojciech:We aim to implement solutions that will be used globally and that will solve problems faced not only by students. That’s why our plans concern mainly the token development, however we are aware how important marketing is. We do not say no so stay tuned 😃.”

Question: At some stage of the project will you try to move from the Etherum Blockchain(since the gas fee of eth sometimes could be very high) to the “own” STC blockchain or other blockchain or will we stay with eth?

Wojciech:”We are aware of disadvantages of operating on the Ethereum blockchain, however there are way more reasons why whe have chosen it. We hope that current problems are temporary, however introducing the mainnet may be the part of our long term development.

Question: What usage will have the upoming Smart Marketing Token have?

Wojciech: “We will announce more details soon. There will be an airdrop for our users and this will be the first tokenized marketing agency so we are sure you will enjoy it. You can expect more details within 10 days!”

Question: Besides the positive tractions STC is getting in the short time like this relationship with and the rest, what are the potential risks to the project in the long term, be it legal, technology, regulatory risks etc. and and what are the mitigating precautions you and uour team are taking to reduce those risks.

Wojciech: “We make deep analysis before we take particular steps and that’s why we prefer not to act than to act and bear legal consequences. Our legal team and legal partners support us in our development. There are several risks but we take them into consideration and do our best not to harm the project and our user.”

Question: NFTs are a hot topic these days. Are you planning to implement them?

Wojciech: We do our best to be up to date! Our original roadmap is just a scheme that is being adjusted according to the needs.”

Question: How will community created tokens affect or get affected by STC price?

Wojciech: STC is a reference currency so investors will own a part of every created token by owning STC. This is really interesting and will have many positive outcomes.”

Question: Will you create a charity section in your ecosystem?

Wojciech: “This is our plan for the near future.”

Question: For what purpose did you open your singapore office?

Wojciech: ”As I mentioned before, we do our best to comply with the applicable law and to benefit from the possibilities offered by jurisdictions. We want to be transparent in every way and global expansion is our goal. Those are just a few reasons for establishing the Singapore partnership.”

Question: Will STC be used for term payments of universities?

Wojciech: One of the utilities of our tokenization platform is to enable students to get decentralized loans for their tuitions. We hope universities will notice the need of getting modern and that students will be able to make payments in STC!”

Question: Will a singer be able to give her own concert with her own digital currency?

Wojciech:Our vision is to enable everyone to create their own token, to get financial assistance and make their dreams come true. No matter if it’s about education, passion or business.”

Question: What color is your Lambo?

Wojciech:I do not have a lambo, but if I had this would surely be the STC hex color 😄”

Question: What are your top achievements and goals?

Wojciech: “Our goals for 2021 are stated in the development plan but we hope to exceed it! We focus on products creation, listings and partnerships. Our aim is to be the Facebook for tokenization ☺️”

Question: What do you think makes your team unique?

Wojciech:We are not gathered accidentally as the STC team. We have advisors specialized in various areas of our activity, experienced entrepreneurs, professionals as well as young, creative team members 😊”

Question: When the exchange gonna release and will we able to trade other trend coins like bnb,bitcoin eth ecc.. on stc exchange? or just stc -based tokens

Wojciech:Our goal is to create the ecosystem for the tokens created on our platform. We believe it makes the idea unique. Be sure we will inform you if there will be any change.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our AMA and we’re looking forward to the next one. Congratulations to the winners of the 5 best questions!



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