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SuperBid AMA summary

Last Thursday, on June 3rd at 17:00 UTC, we welcomed the SuperBid team to our telegram chat to learn more about the innovative Social Media app.

Did you know that SuperBid sponsored Paul Logan during the long-awaited box fight of Paul Logan vs Floyd Mayweather, which ended after 8 rounds without an official winner. However, SuperBid certainly went out of it, a winner having captured the attention of the world.

During our AMA, we discussed what more the team had in store and what’s coming next. Read on. Please note, we hosted Max Gross, COO, and Jacob Rylko — Marketing Manager SuperBid, who took over later to answer SuperBid questions.

Question: What is the mission behind SuperBid?

Max: “It’s very simple. We are bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream. The idea behind the app is to bridge this world of influencers with the world of cryptocurrency. Over half of the world’s internet users utilize some form of social media. As SuperBid is a social engagement auctions app, and we partner with mainstream influencers — we accomplish this feat.”

Question: SuperBid aims to connect fans with thousands of influencer led auctions for items and experiences; how, in your opinion, is SuperBid achieving this with the help of blockchain technology?

Naomi: “Blockchain provides an immutable, transparent ledger to ensure that all transactions are valid and can be executed without an intermediary.

Therefore, I believe that they’ll leverage these features of the blockchain to ensure that there won’t be any fraudulent transfers and to bring transparency to platforms (social media) known for their lack of it. So I’m looking forward to seeing how they will implement that.”

Question: It seems like you guys have been up to some cool stuff. What is your marketing strategy?

Max: “Our marketing strategy is to make calculated noise. Strategic partnerships with influencers are key, as the people we are partnering have millions of followers, and therefore, we have access to potential users of our app.

We initially were targeting a goal of reaching 100M followers by the time we launched our app. However, we already reached 100M followers through our influencer partnerships, so we are adjusting the bar much higher.

We are basically trying to do the craziest things globally and are constantly executing on those things because we are making the impossible possible.

We really just started our major marketing campaign this past week. Currently, we reserved the most iconic billboard in the world for one week straight — promoting all things SuperBid — let me show you. “

And even crazier, we sponsored logan paul for his fight against Floyd Mayweather. And he is an official partner of superbid. Check out the live stream we did with him.

“And this is only the beginning of our crazy ideas. We went from nothing to something in 3 months and have the greatest community. Shoutout to all our SuperBid fans. “

Question: Snoop Dogg, Grimes, and Tony Hawk are among the many celebrities who’ve joined the NFT train and minted their own non-fungible tokens; how do you see this industry growing with celebrities in the future?

Naomi: “And Lindsay Lohan ;) — that was my childhood star somewhat. Anyway, I do think the hype has cooled off a bit. Which, in my opinion, isn’t a bad thing. It means that it’s a good stage for projects like Superbid to thrive that bring together the best of NFTs, social media, and blockchain to benefit both sides of a transaction.

I think NFTs are definitely here to stay and, the easier they get to use for the average non-crypto person, the more we will see them.”

Jacob: “We think it all just getting started. We see the first big wave with NFTs and definitely people are just exploring the creative ways of using them. Our approach to NFTs is pretty simple — we want to do something with them which was never done before. If you think about what is the favorite destination of crypto world, the Moon comes into play. So, what if one crypto company put sth on the literal moon surface…? “🙂

Question: Why do you think SuperBid is the next big thing in the social media world?

Max: Well, let me put it this way — the superbid app is already in alpha phase and tested. So we are a crypto company that already has a working product, unlike many others in this space. superbid is basically the ebay / tiktok on steroids. We are taking the engagement between stars / influencers and their audiences to the next level.

People will be able to have profiles, see the auctions they participated in, and also chat with influencers directly AND chat with each other during an auction.

Overall we are gamifying the app as a whole — since superbid is the utilitarian token for the app, there is this fun engagement of knowing that the price is volatile, therefore building hype around people getting involved.

Question: Could you tell us more about your partnership with Paul Logan?

Jacob: In addition to having logan fight in SuperBid shorts against Floyd Mayweather, you will have a chance to bid on an experience with him inside SuperBid app — you will be able to win a “Day with Logan Paul” in Puerto Rico, where he is training with his brother Jake, and do some cool stuff. You can watch our latests livestream where he is talking about it in details:

Question: How are you so confident? Why do you think it will work so well?

Jacob: “Basically it all started with a vision, just like everything else. We built confidence over time. How? Just listening to people. Our potential target users are super hyped about the opportunities we are bringing to them. Our investors believe in the project as much as we do. Influencers, athletes, musicians — we haven’t heard “no” since the beginning. That's why 🙂”

Question: Do You have informative material so they can understand your business model? do you plan to pass your product onto the normal — especially non-crypto people?

Jacob:The whole app will be designed in a way that normal users won’t have to know anything about crypto — you will just need a credit card to buy superbid tokens and be able to bid with them inside the app. That simple! You can learn more about our app on our website and about the token itself in the tokenomics section.”

Question: Are you prepared for this bear market? How will you handle the panic of your Investors?

Jacob:Well, when the app is live, the more users we have, the bigger the demand for the token. It makes us like no other project on the market, because what will matter whether it's bear or bull market, is the number of people willing to bid inside the app. Let’s say 5 million people use our app on a daily basis = 5 million investors buying the tokens. Now I think you get it! 🙂”

Question: Do you also have a platform for Staking or farming?

Jacob: “Yes, we still have our staking panel with a minimum 80% APY — you can find it here Our investors are pretty happy about it, to say the least 😂”

Question: I would appreciate it if you could share the next update with us. Which country is presently focused on?

Jacob: “it’s a good question. I would say we have a smart approach with this one — because we value our time and want to maximize efforts we focused on getting ambassadors from the United States like Logan Paul, Jay Alvarrez, NFL players, and many others we already signed, because of the connections we have. Branden Hampton is our Head of Talent and he is the most experienced guy on Earth in this area (described by Forbes as the King of Social Media). He has personal relations with people like Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather, Amanda Cerny, and others. So, yeah, feel free to do research on him!” 🙂

Question: Can you describe what is the use of your token in your platform? how do I get your token?

Jacob: “Check out this screenshot”

Question: Where do you see SuperBid in 5 years?

Jacob:” From token side — Top 10 Coingecko/CMC. From the app point of view — you will just wonder why Gen Z all over the world are so hyped about Super-Something thing 😛”

Question: I would like to know about the team behind the project. How many people is the team made up of? why did you decide to make this project?

Jacob: “We started with a core team of 6 people combining experience in different areas (crypto, business development, tech, marketing). Right now we are around 30 people working solely on SuperBid. Our founders, Wojciech Sobczuk and Patrick Gajda, are serial tech entrepreneurs with and access to +200 devs in their company Escape Velocity and have already helped develop two unicorns in Silicon Valley with their devs. Fun facts: Wojciech created social media app in Poland in February 2004 (before Facebook) and sold it to Intel Capital. Patrick has broad connections in the Space industry since 2014. Kinda cool.”

Question: As a smart investor, I choose a project with promising potential seen from tokenomic, good experienced team, clear roadmap, project that makes sense. my question is do you have all of them, and where can I find details about them?

Jacob: “In my honest opinion: yes 🙂. Check the website”

We’re certain that many more good things will come from the SuperBid team. They’re just getting started after all. You can also trade their native SUPERBID token on our exchange.


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