FMX launching crypto derivatives trading platform with liquidity provided by FTX

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2 min readDec 13, 2020


FMX is a secure, advanced and reliable cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform whose liquidity is supported by FTX.

With the motto of “Futures Trading Made Simple”, FMX focuses on the simplification and gamification of the user trading experience. FMX boasts an intuitive and beginner-friendly UX/UI design for easy adoption and usage; whilst also adding gamification, bringing a more enjoyable trading experience to users and encouraging them to enhance their trading skills.

FMX has also created a unique program with added benefits to reward traders.

“FMX has the Volume Mining Program that provides incentives for users at any level to boost up their trading volume and gain more profits. We also integrated an advanced and transparent CRM for users to keep track of earnings. With these cutting-edge innovations, we offer a powerful platform not only for beginners but also for professional traders.” — Tuan Anh Nguyen, CEO of FMX, said.

Being the first white-label exchange of FTX, FMX is able to utilize the deep liquidity along with the extensive technical support from one of the world’s most prominent crypto derivatives trading platforms. As a result, FMX can guarantee high capacity, low latency and fast trade execution. Initially, FMX will provide perpetual futures that are available on FTX with leverage up to 100x. FMX will also plan to offer spot trading and other products in the near future.

The dedicated team behind FMX consists of founders with strong trading backgrounds as well as managers of crypto trading communities with more than 100,000 members collectively. Thus, FMX is able to understand the needs and desires of crypto participants and deploy a new trading solution that is truly “built by communities, for communities”.

“With this launch, FMX is looking to quickly establish itself in an ever-expanding segment of the crypto trading market, as well as demonstrating its commitments to the community and proving the potential of crypto futures trading to users from around the globe, thereby promoting the mass adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide”, the CEO concluded.

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