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FNDZ to Provide ParaSwap Functionality in its DeFi Copy Trading Platform

Amsterdam, The Netherlands — FNDZ.io — the next-generation copy trading platform built on decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure — announces the integration of ParaSwap functionality to its platform.

FNDZ uses DeFi technology to provide a seamless, simple, secure, and easy-to-use copy trading experience for beginners and seasoned traders. Users browse trader profiles on the FNDZ platform, selecting one or more traders whose risk and diversification strategies appeal to them, and simply and securely deposit digital assets into the vault managed by them. The FNDZ protocol then automatically executes the trades made by the vault manager, meaning that the FNDZ user can lean back and relax while the hard work is being done for them by experienced traders.

FNDZ is compatible with both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks and is planning to offer compatibility with further EVM networks in the near future. Although this is a great advantage in terms of the breadth of assets provided to its users, FNDZ is aware that the trading component itself, is a regulated activity.

It is for this reason that FNDZ has integrated ParaSwap, a leading decentralized exchange (DeX) aggregator. ParaSwap is a well-known, community-driven middleware that offers a single interface which can be used to compare rates and execute transactions across several DeXes, massively reducing the complexity of DeX trading. In the traditional world, this would be best compared to the best pricing order aggregation algorithm.

ParaSwap’s mission is to offer dApp developers, such as those behind the FNDZ protocol, a simple method of abstracting away from the various complexities in DeX trading, thereby providing a seamless interface and trading experience for their users. This mission fits well with that of FNDZ, which is to provide a simple, easy-to-use, and safe ‘copy’ trading experience.

In addition to this core advantage, ParaSwap is also the most cost-effective method of executing relatively large transactions (e.g. over 15 ETH), because it enables traders to split the execution of their trade over several distinct DeXes, reducing the price impact of each trade. ParaSwap also features MultiPath functionality: its protocol automatically assesses the relative costs of aggregating trades or splitting them across various DeXes and/or tokens, allowing users to save on transaction costs and reduce their price impacts. Giving the FNDZ traders the best bang for their buck on every trade. The ParaSwap interface also allows traders to send payments in cryptocurrencies which they do not hold in a single transaction using its Swap & Transfer function.

“From price comparisons to multi-path routing, ParaSwap’s newest enhancements provide traders with a complete solution that strengthens cost transparency and gives them the best price for each order execution — resulting in greater control, better entries, more convenience and optimized trading,” said Valentino Cremona, Core Contributor of FNDZ.

This integration is the latest in a long series of advances and partnerships as FNDZ moves ever closer to its product launch. Keep updated:

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FNDZ is the social trading platform making copy trading simple by connecting retail investors with an ecosystem of highly experienced traders using a decentralized finance platform (DeFi) based on transparency and smart contracts.

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FNDZ Contributor

Copy trading made easy #DeFi

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