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#FNDZ Update

Hey FNDZers!

As we’ve had multiple requests on more communications, updates and milestones, here’s a weekly update for you guys.

Now that the platform backend is 99% done for the MVP, we are running several tests to ensure the platform and smart contract features are working as intended.

Regarding the smart contracts, we have built out all of the below and are testing them extensively over the next couple of weeks to make sure we find all possible bugs.

  • FNDZ denomination Asset Cash Out Conversion
  • FNDZ performance fee
  • FNDZ management fee
  • FNDZ fund Creation Wrapper (assert that denomination asset is approved)
  • FNDZ referral fee
  • FNDZ referral registry
  • Mock Uniswap contracts for testing
  • Price Feed so that assets can be added by FNDZ Controller Owner

The asset list has been curated for both the BSC and the Poly chain. To start with, we are going mainnet on BSC and will support around 40–50 assets. For this, we will integrate the chainlink pricing feed. As Chainlink does not provide pricing feeds for all esoteric assets on various EVM chains, we are working on another oracle integration where we can offer the full suite of assets (around 150) for all BSC pairs and subsequently, the Poly pairs.

We have been reaching out to key partners in both the centralized finance and crypto space. These partnerships will provide users with access to world-class professional traders. Here we are locking in trusted traders across a variety of platforms that bring their own communities which already trust these traders. The platform also has a feature where you can upload your own image as a vault icon, which allows for branded vaults. This will be very helpful for already established communities.

Furthermore, we have closed a partnership deal with a merchandise company that will be able to provide us with our own FNDZ brand store, and merchandise for the entire community.

In the current Private BETA, we are working with 50 experienced crypto traders that are extensively testing the MVP features and playing around with the platform. We deployed our MVP fully running on the testnet, and can happily report that it is all working well. The current BETA access is private and the public BETA will be opened in Q1.

As always, we want to deliver quality with everything we do and not rush development to deliver a half working, faulty platform that is prone to hacks. We want to make sure we take all precautions and test everything extensively so that we won’t have any bad surprises once we are live on the mainnet.

“A delayed product is eventually good, but a rushed product is forever bad”.

Next week we will be announcing the first winners of the FNDZ public BETA applications too! Keep an eye out for our social channels as we will be dropping the first community names after this weekend 🤩

All in all, we have had very productive weeks. We are going to hand over our smart contracts for audits right before Christmas and are working on delivering a new years present to you as well.

We are also working on our staking program now which should go live early Q1. This will allow people to stake FNDZ to yield more FNDZ.

Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come 👋

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FNDZ is the social trading platform making copy trading simple by connecting retail investors with an ecosystem of highly experienced traders using a decentralized finance platform (DeFi) based on transparency and smart contracts.

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