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FNDZ Update

Hey FNDZers!

Another month has flown by in our FNDZ adventure! January is over, and that means that as of next week, we’re half way through the quarter!

The long-awaited platform launch is just around the corner, and we’ve been busy laying the groundwork for the full-scale launch. You may have already noticed FNDZ advertising on social media. In-line with the go-live date, we are preparing a well orchestrated campaign for which we’re currently running tests to make sure we have all the right data in place.

In the meantime, our development team has been working on fixing some of the bugs found during the private BETA testing. These last technical steps are necessary to ensure that the frontend runs smoothly for the start of public BETA and our launch.

We’ve found some minor errors in the deposit mechanisms and in the way our system distinguishes between vaults, as some vaults may end up having the same name. The probability of this actually happening is high.

Our testers have carefully reported the issues they’ve encountered, and we’ll be following up on all reports to make sure we’re ready for the MVP.

Now that the smart contracts have been submitted to the auditors, we are gearing up for the subsequent stage of the launch which is the public BETA. The BETA will take place once the auditors have come back to us with a full report. When it comes to crypto and DeFi, we can’t stress enough how crucial security is. With so many scams out there, we want to be certain that when we open the doors for BETA testing, we are fully prepared and no one will be able to infiltrate our systems.

We are also in the process of contracting with strategic partners both inside and outside the crypto industry to ensure that FNDZ receives the attention it needs to deliver a proper launch campaign. Our business developers have been working around the clock to reach out to assets and potential partners so that our technology is able to transition into existing ecosystems. Integrations are central to FNDZ, and as such, it is our mission to ensure the value behind the platform is top-notch and an asset to other projects.

Community efforts are also gaining momentum as we’ve opened up our daily voice chats to the community, and we’re excited to see more members joining in and spreading the word. Starting next week, expect Gleam contests with both merchandise and token rewards up for grabs!

All the hard work will make sense soon. Just a little more time now!

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