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FNDZ Weekly Contest

The FNDZ motto is ‘copy trading made easy’, and we are excited about the potential of a truly decentralized copy trading platform which puts transparency and asset ownership in the hands of the users.

Since the launch of the FNDZ token, we have continued to work tirelessly to achieve our upcoming goals.

In the meantime, our focus has been centered on our community and growing its ranks.

Due to your fervent and dedicated presence on our social networks, we have decided to organize weekly contests to reward the most active community members!

💰 FNDZ weekly CONTEST 💰

There will be a wide variety of prizes, starting with the thing you value most, the $FNDZ token and special merchandise items in the future.

The first prizes will be awarded seven days after the start of the contest. Following that, we will regularly distribute the grand prizes to the community on a weekly basis. This will work with a points system that determines weekly winners based on the community’s daily actions.

Sweepwidget contest

The FNDZ contests are run on Sweepwidget and will have a new theme each week.

We will be setting weekly goals for users and some goals will change on a daily basis. This allows us to create a ranking system that can act as a podium for choosing the winners.

The number of winners and prizes can change every week. We want to be very flexible and create different incentives over time.

❗️The First Contest is ONLINE❗️

Our first contest will go online today 07/10/2021 at 11.00 and will follow the theme of our Liquidity Mining Program.

The total prize money for this week will be $750 worth of $FNDZ tokens. These FNDZ tokens will be divided among the five winners who received the most points for completing each task.

The prizes will be divided as follows:

  • 1st : $280
  • 2nd : $200
  • 3rd : $130
  • 4th : $90
  • 5th : $50

Sweep Widget: https://sweepwidget.com/view/34078-4sf0lwtv

Good luck FNDZ Warriors ❤️🍀

About FNDZ

The FNDZ team is made up of a diverse group of financial experts and crypto-enthusiasts with more than 20 years collective experience in traditional finance, entrepreneurship, brokerage and cryptocurrency trading. Find a complete overview of the team here!

The development team is striving to make FNDZ the world’s best DeFi copy trading platform that enables copy/social trading from a truly decentralized angle. DeFi, or decentralized finance, is a financial infrastructure made up of blockchain-powered smart contracts and protocols which collectively carry out the same functions traditionally handled by brokers, bankers, and financiers. FNDZ uses these tools to provide a fully transparent, low-cost, highly efficient, and user-friendly copy trading platform. Our audited smart contracts carry out all functions according to open, community-influenced protocols. There are fewer associated fees and costs and all of them are readily visible in the smart contract code. To hear more about the strengths of DeFi copy trading check out this post from the team!

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