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Update: The FNDZ liquidity mining program is continuing!

The FNDZ liquidity mining program was launched in September 2021 as a reward to early users who provide FNDZ/BNB liquidity on Pancakeswap V2. Due to overwhelming interest and success, we are delighted to announce that we will be increasing the liquidity mining program by an additional 300K in FNDZ token rewards! FNDZ will now be providing a total of one million tokens for the first year.

The current reward program will be directly continued for eight months, starting 01 February 2022. It will be incentivized with 81,250 FNDZ tokens per month.

At the launch of the program, 700K FNDZ tokens were allocated to a 12-month liquidity pool. The first phase rewarded 350K tokens over four months, leaving 350K to be distributed over the remaining eight months. Starting February 1, we will add another 300K tokens, bringing the total reward pool for the year to one million FNDZ tokens!

The New Liquidity Mining Program

Current LP token holders do not need to withdraw and re-stake LP tokens to participate; they will automatically receive rewards from the new program because it is deployed to the same pools.

LPs who are whitelisted will receive their share of the 650K FNDZ tokens during the next eight months, in addition to the 0.25 percent trading fees earned through PancakeSwap. This share is proportional to the amount you contribute to the pool.

The following links describe how you can contribute to the liquidity pool:

  1. Provide liquidity in the FNDZ/BNB Pancakeswap V2: HERE
  2. Whitelist your address: HERE
  3. You are already done :)!
  4. Liquidity reward calculator: HERE

For a step-by-step guide, watch this video explaining how to become a FNDZ/BNB liquidity provider on PancakeSwap V2.


Additional Information

About FNDZ

The FNDZ’s motto is “DeFi copy trading made simple.” FNDZ has developed a DeFi copy trading platform that enables copy/social trading from a truly decentralized perspective. DeFi, or decentralized finance, is a financial infrastructure made up of blockchain-powered smart contracts and protocols which collectively carry out the same functions traditionally handled by brokers, bankers, and financiers. FNDZ uses these tools to provide a fully transparent, low-cost, highly efficient, and user-friendly copy trading experience.

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