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So, for the last one month, I am learning website development. I am done with HTML,CSS,PHP,SQL. I know how to work on google font and font awesome. To be honest, it’s enjoyable. As I belong to IT background learning website development will surely help me to boost my career.

Now over the last few years, Web development has been in trend. People who belong to the technical background are learning full-stack web development because of two reasons. First, this will help them to get a good job with a good package, and second, they can do freelancing as well which will also give them a good amount of money.

Now there are three types of web developers front end, backend, and Full-stack. Front End developers are those who develop the client-side of the website, or we can say someone who designs the UI of a website. The programming languages required for front end development is — HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap. Earlier, javascript was only used for client-side development but these days java script is also used for server-side development. So we can say that java script is the heart of web development. Without javascript website development is not possible.

Now let's talk about the frameworks of javascript: -

  1. Mean stack- Mean stack refers to the collection of javascript-based technologies used for developing web applications. Mean stack includes MongoDB, Express js, Angular js, Node js. Mean is a full-stack javascript that covers the client to the server to the database. Mean stack is mostly used in order to built dynamic and more interactive web applications.

MongoDB- MongoDB is a no-SQL database

Express js- Express js is mostly used for backend development

Angular js- Angular js is used for front end

Node js- It is a javascript run time environment which is used to run javascript on a machine rather than running it in a browser

2. Mern stack- Mern stack also refers to the collection of javascript-based technologies used for developing web applications. Mern stack includes: -


Node js

Express js

React js

React js refers to a library that is used for building UI for a web application.

Now lets come to the backend of a website. A normal backend developer should know how to work on PHP and MySQL.

So with HTML, CSS, Google font, Font-Awesome, Bootstrap, Javascript, PHP, MySQL a normal website can easily be built.

But when it comes to Web Applications Mean stack or Mern stack is used.

So these are some of the basic ideas which are tried to give regarding web development. I hope this was useful.



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