Announcing CloudEvents Support and Serverless Framework Integration for Fn Project

Red Arrows ©2014 Let’s Go Out Bournemouth & Poole (CC By 2.0)

The Fn team is committed to open standards and to integrating and interoperating with other open source projects. And with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s KubeCon EU 2018 taking place this week in Copenhagen we’d like to announce two new exciting developments: support for the upcoming CloudEvents specification and integration with the Serverless Framework.

The CloudEvents specification is being developed by the CNCF Serverless working group to define a common event format that will make it easier to build cross-cloud/multi-vendor applications. With Fn’s CloudEvent support it’ll be easier to integrate Fn into your preferred platform ecosystem. CloudEvents is early, having just reached its 0.1 milestone, and Fn is adding support for this initial draft spec and will continue to track it and incorporate changes as it progresses onto a 1.0 release.

Additionally, the team is announcing integration with the Serverless Framework which is a toolkit for deploying and operating serverless applications. With the contribution of an Fn provider developers can now use the same command line tools with Fn that they use to build and deploy functions to other platforms. If you’re a Serverless Framework user you’ll find it extremely easy to get started with Fn using its familiar command structure.

There’s a lot going on in the Fn Project with lots more to come before we hit our 1.0 release. To learn more stay in touch with us through the team blog, Twitter, YouTube, and of course, our Github page to try out the project now!

Photo credit: Let’s Go Out Bournemouth & Pool, Creative Commons 2.0 license