Encanto (2021) — Disney’s best yet, or overhyped pandering?

It’s Reviewsday Tuesday! Is Disney’s latest animated musical as good as people are saying?

Poster for Disney’s Encanto (2021) © Walt Disney Pictures 2021

Disney’s Encanto, released just a few weeks ago, has been an instant box-office hit, despite being released during a pandemic with only a 30-day theatrical run before moving to…




This is a publication designed to discuss all aspects of animation debate, discussion and scholarship. It is intended to provide a vehicle for long-form, short-form and free-form discussion on the diversity, versatility and wide appeal of the art of animation.

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Casey Lawrence

Casey Lawrence

Casey Lawrence is a Canadian PhD student of English at Trinity College Dublin. She is the author of two LGBT YA novels, Out of Order and Order in the Court.

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