My greatest role models have been my parents — since day one. I’m 18 years old, and as I have grown older I have garnered a new sense of respect, love, and admiration for the two people who have worked so hard for my sister and I. They have a plethora of qualities that I wish to embody in the future, but one of their most inspiring attributes is found within their life stories. My father was born in Australia; after years of studying, my father made the decision to leave and attend the University of Tulane for his MBA. Now that I am older, I comprehend the courage and bravery necessary to make such a drastic move. The thought of studying halfway across the world, knowing absolutely no one, not knowing the culture, is something I do not think I could do at this time. My father did, and I aspire to do the same as him someday. My mother was born and raised in the South American county of Chile. I, myself, am Chilean. My mother met my father when he was allocated to work in Chile for a mining industry within the Latin American nation. My mother made the decision to leave her home and live in Canada with my father in 2001. The mere thought of leaving one’s native country, one’s beloved family, one’s friends, and one’s own culture, is mind-boggling. My mother did, because of her resilient strength, bravery, and dauntless approach to life. Both of my parents have done countless things throughout their lives that leave me with the highest of admiration for them. I would like to reflect the lives of my parents within my own life. I, in the future, want to explore, travel, and discover other parts of the world — go places that push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I want to live like my parents have — by living wholly, and live by taking advantage of the opportunities provided. Doing things that scare me is frightening in itself, but also a means of wholesome development as a person. My parents have taught me a lot via their actions; one day I will be able to tell them that I did as they did.

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