FogCoin is Expanding our Team!

The FogCoin Team is in the process of expanding our team following the close of our pre-sale earlier this year, and are all hands on deck working towards public network launch. We are excited to announce three recent additions to the FogCoin Team, who will be filling roles in Engineering, Design & Web Development and Operations (Office Management).

We are still on the lookout for talent in the decentralized tech space, specifically for top-tier engineers. If you’re an engineer passionate about joining the team building the world’s global marketplace for compute, learn more about our Software Engineer openings here. Not an engineer? Introduce yourself by sending an email to to learn about the opportunities at FogCoin in Sales & Marketing, Operations and Finance.

Meet our three new hires below!

UI/UX Design Lead, William Reid

William is our UI/UX Design Lead and the creative force behind FogCoin and ActiveAether. An integral addition to our team, William plays a key role in the ActiveAether user experience and supports Sales & Marketing with creative direction and design for the FogCoin and ActiveAether brands. William combines an eye for design with the development skills to execute. He began freelancing for us in the latter half of 2017 and we were thrilled to bring him on board full time this year.

William graduated with a degree in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design here in New York City. He started his career at a graphic design studio working with Fortune 500 companies in the engineering, healthcare and finance industries. For the past several years he has worked as an independent contractor focusing on interaction design and front-end development for arts and media companies in New York City.

William has played baseball, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, and was a competitive gymnast for ten years. Unfortunately, he’s never played a game of soccer and will not be joining the AetherWorks coed soccer team!

Senior Engineer, Jason Berry

Jason joins AetherWorks as a Senior Engineer and has a long track record of building technology for early-stage startups. He comes to us from another startup, MedXCom, where he operated as the Lead Developer for 3 years. During his tenure, the company became revenue positive, in-part, thanks to Jason’s technical leadership and development skill.

Jason graduated with a BA in Computer Science from the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio. He is deeply interested in startups, technical innovation and entrepreneurship. He has followed this path in his career by helping companies and startups build and maintain products using Agile software development and Extreme Programming methodologies.

Jason plays dodgeball on weeknights in Hoboken, NJ, where few have caught his legendary curve ball.

Office Manager, Rosemarie Ojeda

Rosemarie is our Office Manager and brings many years of experience managing fast-paced office environments in New York City. Beginning her career in banking as a Systems Implementations Specialist, she has nearly twenty-years of experience working for institutions such as Chase Manhattan Bank, and Banque Nationale De Paris. Following an impressive corporate tenure, Rosemarie took her knowledge of large-scale business operations to a boutique European construction firm as Office Manager.

She has since worked for a number of property management firms, and successfully opened the first NYC office for a Brazilian plastics company. From HR and payroll to bookkeeping and office maintenance, Rosemarie handles the myriad operational responsibilities faced by the FogCoin team as we expand our team.

Rosemarie graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from SUNY Binghamton. She loves to hike (3 states of the Appalachians so far!), read, travel and spend time with her seven nephews and nieces.