Serverless NYC is Coming to ActiveAether!

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Join us at ActiveAether on September 13th from 6pm — 8:30pm for a discussion on Serverless and Fog Computing led by ActiveAether CEO Robert MacInnis, Ph.D. and Wayne Scarano, Founder, Cloud/Cybersecurity Architect at SGA Business Systems.

There will be plenty of pizza, beer/drinks and time to catch up with Serverless & FaaS enthusiasts. Claim your spot now as space is limited! More on what to expect below:

Serverless in the Fog: the Holy Grail of Distributed Computing

The granularity of computation has become progressively fine-grain — from VMs down to containers and now functions — which has enabled the beneficial properties of service-oriented computing (like scalability, resiliency, and more) to be absorbed up into applications designed as loosely-coupled systems of services.
But two things remain unaddressed with FaaS and serverless in the cloud: resiliency to data center failures, and optimization of the geographical location of compute in order to minimize latency.
 A Fog Computing infrastructure provides a spectrum of compute spanning a continuum from edge to cloud, enabling compute to be consumed closer to the source for latency-sensitive applications like IoT and Machine Learning. When combined with Faas and serverless, Fog Computing infrastructure approaches the holy grail of distributed computing: automatic, demand-driven scalability of services, with the ability to optimize for the geographical proximity of data and computation.
 FaaS and serverless in the fog takes us from “this service can run anywhere in the cloud” to “this service can run anywhere, period.

Don’t forget to RSVP! Learn more about ActiveAether’s serverless fog computing platform and Serverless NYC.