Understanding the FogCoin Marketplace

With the patented ActiveAether technology, and the FogCoin marketplace that powers it, we are building a solution that will have enormous impact on modern computing infrastructure, affecting the flow of data on the internet and the flow of revenue that follows it. Importantly, we’re enabling more computer owners to earn money in the rental market for computing resources — now called the “cloud” market — which is currently dominated by only a handful of giant cloud providers.

To better explain how we’re achieving this, here’s a high-level look at how cloud-centric computing models work now, and how the FogCoin Marketplace redefines key roles within the system to create a more inclusive and resilient architecture.

Current Ecosystem:

There are billions of computing devices all around us, and many of them run services which leverage cloud resources to process data and make decisions in real time. For example, your smart thermostat is likely sending temperature readings to a cloud data center for processing before that data makes the return trip to provide the intelligent response you’re looking for.

Behind the scenes, the developers and manufacturers creating those connected devices are paying the cloud provider (for example, Amazon) to rent those computing resources. As with any business expense, those costs are reflected in some way in the total cost to consumer.

In summary, there are three roles we’re looking at in that transaction:

Computer owners renting out resources (the “cloud” providers)

The software developer/creator of the smart thermostat

The end user of the smart thermostat

Currently, skyrocketing demand for processing power due to the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more means big business for cloud. But there are some major problems (which you can read about here!) with consolidating global computing infrastructure around a few cloud data centers that are felt by developers, and ultimately end users.

Below we summarize how FogCoin revolutionizes the role of the “cloud” provider by enabling computer owners across the globe to rent out processing power to the billions of connected devices that need it. FogCoin and the ActiveAether technology enable a new computing infrastructure without single points of failure, and an ecosystem with more beneficiaries than “cloud”.

The FogCoin Marketplace

Simply put, ActiveAether equips any computer to run many of the same software services we now run in the cloud, dividing up workloads across participating computers in our offices, homes, and even pockets in the same way Amazon, Microsoft and Google divide work across the computers they own. Anyone can rent out processing power for profit on devices they already own to a global network of computing resources. FogCoin is the method of payment used within the network, enabling transactions between suppliers and consumers of compute.

For computer owners across the globe, FogCoin is a way to earn money on the devices you already own. For software developers currently reliant on cloud, it’s a market for compute that’s more competitive and geographically diverse. For end users, it could mean lower costs and faster response times.

Here’s an overview of those three key roles and how they’re named in the FogCoin Marketplace.

Host Providers: Computer owners renting out processing power for profit in the FogCoin marketplace

Software Publishers: Software developers that write services to leverage the ActiveAether network

End Users: End users of the services written to the ActiveAether network

Host Providers download ActiveAether on their computer(s) with available resources (called “Hosts”), detailing their capabilities to the network. When there is demand from End Users for a service that a Software Publisher has written to the network, ActiveAether will find a suitable Host on which to deploy it. FogCoin facilitates payment to Host Providers from Software Publishers for the use of their resources.

End Users use services and applications just as they would in any other architecture, and ActiveAether takes care of spinning up services to meet their demand.

Join the FogCoin Marketplace!

If you’re a Software Publisher interested in leveraging the ActiveAether network, or one of billions of computer owners interested in making money on devices you already own as a Host Provider, get started here! The future of compute is a global marketplace, powered by FogCoin.