University of St Andrews Computer Science program ranked #1 in the UK

Computer Science at the University of St Andrews is the best program in the UK, receiving a perfect 100/100 score in The Guardian. Evaluated on criteria such as research impact, course and teacher satisfaction, career prospects, and more, St Andrews’s perfect score was followed by Cambridge with a 97.5 and Oxford with an 89.8. It’s an exceptional achievement for the University of St Andrews, and a point of pride for the ActiveAether team, as both our CEO, Dr. Robert MacInnis, and COO, Allan Boyd, are graduates of the university’s School of Computer Science. Dr. MacInnis is also a member of the board of trustees of the University of St Andrews American Foundation.

Dr. Robert MacInnis and Allan Boyd receiving their Computer Science degrees from the University of St Andrews in 2005

Dr. MacInnis and Mr. Boyd received their undergraduate degrees in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews in 2005. Dr. MacInnis continued into the Ph.D. program, specializing in fault-tolerant distributed systems, and was awarded his Ph.D., in 2010. His thesis, “A Scalable Architecture for the Demand-driven Deployment of Location-neutral Software Services”, has become the foundation for ActiveAether’s bleeding-edge fog computing architecture, as is now patented in over 40 countries.

Meanwhile, Boyd applied his Computer Science degree in the business arena, finding success with his first venture, IT Onsite, for which he received the prestigious “Best Overall Business” award from the Scottish Institute for Enterprise. Following time spent in England at Aquila Heywood, Boyd joined the management team at Kelvin Connect in the wireless sector, overseeing the company’s acquisition by Airwave, now Motorola.

The two St Andrews alumni (and university roommates) reunited in New York City at AetherWorks, with Dr. MacInnis as CEO & Founder and Mr. Boyd as COO. Propelled by a stellar foundation in the field of computer science, AetherWorks has gone on to roll out distributed systems technology across the globe. The team is currently focused on the ActiveAether network, which, powered by FogCoin, is providing the decentralized global market for compute.

ActiveAether is also fortunate to have the support of additional talent from the university’s prestigious School of Computer Science, with Professor Alan Dearle joining on as an advisor. Professor Dearle previously served as Dean of Science, as well as Head of the School of Computer Science for the University of St Andrews, and has not only made foundational contributions to the field of distributed computing, but played a pivotal role in molding and leading what today claims the top spot for Computer Science in the UK.

“Through principled leadership, a commitment to high standards, and an an ethos that encourages academic exploration, experimentation, and collaboration, the world-class leaders at the School of Computer Science, and at the University of St Andrews more broadly, have built what is deservedly ranked the top program for Computer Science in the UK,” said Dr. MacInnis, “Having spent the better part of a decade studying under Al Dearle, Graham Kirby and Ron Morrison, I have, of course, always said this; it’s about time The Guardian finally caught up.”

ActiveAether is proud to be home to so many St Andrews alumni, and sends our congratulations to all affiliated with the university on the achievement!