Folio.YVR Issue #3: Lancho Cephivenus: The Millennial Taking on the Medical Aesthetics Industry

As recent as ten years ago, cosmetic treatments were once only associated with the rich and famous since they were priced out-of-range for the average person. On top of which, these treatments were in aesthetic clinics which were very likely to be located in posh neighbourhoods or shopping districts.

With 200+ businesses offering varying levels of medical aesthetic services in British Columbia, it is fair to say that the above no longer holds true. Enter innovators, such as Chobee Marketing MD Founder and CEO Lancho Cephivenus, who has identified this beauty niche and is capitalizing on it.

Cephivenus is a millennial with a cause-to turn the traditional non-inclusive aesthetics industry upside down with a modern approach that brings everyone to the table, not just a select few, and connect them in a way that is accessible, portable, and connected.

Cephivenus was 27 years old when he launched Chobee Aesthetic Marketing. He had a goal of providing the burgeoning medical aesthetic industry in Vancouver unique customized marketing solutions for doctors and clinics that were struggling using generic pre-packaged products and out-of-date social media campaigns. The response was overwhelming, and what was once a ‘young man with a plan’ has grown into a company employing/contracting with 20+ persons.

Key to this growth was assembling the Chobee team, not as a traditional professional unit, but as a cohesive group of creatives, which is what Cephivenus credits as the core of the company’s success.

“Our team is creatively strong, experienced, and growing. The Chobee approach is a refreshing alternative to the tired traditional marketing of medical aesthetics in this competitive time. The businesses that we chose to work with benefit immensely, both in customer/staff satisfaction and financially. It is very gratifying.”

It is this style of leadership and progressive thinking which has strengthened the position of over 25 companies across Canada. By identifying gaps in existing business models that were improved upon, clients were able to generate additional revenue of over $10M in the past year alone.

In the queue for joining the Chobee roster are ten clinics within BC and from across Canada, and as a conceptualist, Cephivenus is designing four client clinics which will be constructed in Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, and White Rock.

Cephivenus, the Chobee team, and the clients, work together on dynamic marketing campaigns which champion an omnichannel approach that may-depending on the client market-incorporate video and photography production, social media campaigns, website development/revisualizing, WeChat/KOL strategies, print and digital media, street-level marketing, and so much more-all available in a selection of languages.

Making himself and the team available at major industry conferences to speak and educate is another key element that Cephivenus utilizes to reach the aesthetics market. In just the past year, he presented at the Western Canada Aesthetic Summit 2019, Fotona StarWalker Product Launch, and the Prollenium Annual Event.

Cephivenus credits his two passions for the success of Chobee. “My participation in the fine arts since childhood and the study of business in Canada has given me a unique advantage over others in this market. Using beauty, whether it is in video, photography, words, or the type of models we work with, comes very naturally for me. At the end of the day, medical aesthetics is all about beauty, and this is my life.”

Before Chobee

After graduating high school, Cephivenus took on a creative role at a well-known Chinese fashion website followed by a stint as a magazine producer, during which time he developed an artistic portfolio of his style of collage that married digital imagery and deconstructed pressed flowers.

In 2011, Cephivenus was invited by the Taipei International Flora Exposition to exhibit a series of his mixed media works based on modern Chinese bird-and-flower paintings. The exhibition was very well received, and this success helped Lancho become well known in the international art circle.

Cephivenus’ next step in his career, was to participate in a 2012 Arts competition organized by the world-renowned artist Murakami Takashi. Placing 7th out of 500 participants saw him debut at a joint exhibition in Takashi’s Hidari Zingaro Gallery.

By 2013, he had presented at a total of seven exhibitions (two solo and four group shows in Taipei, one traveling group show in Canada), plus multiple speaking engagements with accompanying press. This experience at such a young age helped him develop a keen perception of aesthetics and the ability to adapt to high-pressure working environments, and facilitated the desire to relocate to Vancouver.

On the Horizon

Exciting changes are on the medical aesthetics horizon due to Cephivenus and his vision for success. By creating and maintaining strong communication with the physicians and the clinic owners, he is able to provide solutions for problems that only recently have begun to present in the industry.

Priority has been given to first addressing the desire of beauty centres, and health spa’s to tap into the revenue stream that injectables, such as Botox and fillers, can generate. The creation of Chobee’s ‘Injector Express’ allows businesses to offer full injectable services without having to employ full-time physicians and procure/stock inventory, as this can be financially daunting to new or smaller sized companies.

‘Injector Express’ currently contracts two persons, a certified physician and a registered nurse, who are licensed to perform treatments and are available on an as-needed basis.

If a company experiences a strong response from their client-base through the use of ‘Injector Express’ and wishes to make the service permanent, Chobee will work with them to recruit a physician to join their team, train the staff on services and inventory management, and create stellar marketing campaigns.

“Chobee has a strong belief in beauty. The idea of aesthetics, in general, is very appealing and appeals to my artistic centre. Our mission at Chobee is to elevate the standard of beauty, both in the physical presence of the clinics we design and work with all the way through to the visual marketing tools we create.”

Recently, Cephivenus changed the name of his company to Chobee Marketing MD. The ‘MD’ is a regulated legal term, and its designation issued selectively to Chobee as they are the only digital marketing company that has a medical doctor on staff and provides services to clinics of the highest regard.

At 29 years old, Lancho Cephivenus has firmly positioned himself and Chobee Marketing MD in an industry that will continue growing-exponentially and globally. With vision and a strong team, it is without a doubt that Cephivenus will find himself with a lot more business travel on the horizon.

Images by Chobee Aesthetic Marketing / Wardrobe by Turnabout Luxury Resale.

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Helen Siwak Helen Siwak is the founder of EcoLuxLuv Communications, publisher of Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, and multiple digital lifestyle blogs. She is a content creator, consultant, and marketing and media strategist in the luxury lifestyle niche. She is a regular content contributor to Retail-Insider and has a vast freelance portfolio including Boulevard English & Chinese editions, Indulge, and Montecristo Magazine. When not attending high-profile events in Vancouver’s ‘Luxury Zone’ or on assignment abroad, she is honing her plant-based cooking skills and caring for her rescues.

Originally published at on June 20, 2019.




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