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Proudly bearing the Made in Italy label, Pasotti Ombrelli, the world’s finest umbrella’s reflects the hardworking artisan’s skill and endurance.

From his office in Castellucchio, Italy, Nicola Begotti reflects on the history of the family business and how an umbrella, a mere personal accessory, plays such a vital role in the wardrobe of many. Pasotti Ombrelli was founded in 1956 by Nicola’s grandmother Ernesta Pasotti.

A woman of spirit, she left her position at an umbrella factory in Milan with a vision to create exquisitely crafted umbrellas for those who wished to stand apart from the crowd. In 2020, her grandchildren Nicola and Andre Begotti are guiding and growing the brand through international distribution through hand-selected boutiques and offering a bespoke service to the wealthy who collaborate on creating incredible pieces.

Design Beyond Comparison

One such order is still fresh in Nicola’s mind as he shares a story of 80 umbrellas created, through a collaboration with a major jewellery company, as guest gifts at a Royal Family wedding in ‘an Arab country.’

With an $8M budget, each umbrella was layered with the most sumptuous silky lace and imbued with gold and diamonds. The first style was a lattice with emeralds and the other a raindrop filigree with sapphires.

Pasotti umbrellas are historically unique with a design that comes in two parts. The first is the meticulously sculpted handles at the end of shafts, made from materials like bamboo and chestnut. The handles are incredibly varied and include a highly desirable array of animals, mythical creatures, and decorative objects that will make it impossible to own only one.

The umbrella canopy is another area where owners can display their personality to stand apart or conversely blend in with the crowd of black, navy, and gray. For those looking for something more distinctive, the Women’s Lux collection includes canopies of gorgeous printed petals and floral patterns, golden chains, animal prints, and geometric shapes all matched with intricate jewelled handles.

Stories abound of clients and celebrities who have gained a newfound appreciation for the elevated accessories. Nicola shared that many clients stitch their phone numbers into the umbrella canopy so those who find them will rightfully return them.

Pasotti has such a close relationship with those who purchase their products they operate without a formal return policy. “We do not feel comfortable writing such things. We treat every customer as unique and special. It doesn’t matter if the umbrella is new, one year old, or 10-years old, we always find a solution for them.” One such customer is luxury entrepreneur Kevin Sung who had an unfortunate incident at a local fine dining establishment where someone heavily damaged his beloved Pasotti Knuckleduster.

“In that moment, upon discovering it, I completely understood why the women in my life are so possessive and protective of their designer handbags. All I could think was if this is not repairable, then it would be rest-in-peace my friend.”

Of course, the umbrella is being readied for shipping to Italy, where it will be assessed because that is what Pasotti promises. Collectors of Pasotti pieces included Meryl Streep (owner of three umbrellas), Jennifer Lopez (On the Floor music video), Madonna (Swarovski Crystals Walking Stick), and Johnny Depp and Sean Paul opting for variations of the Luxury Swarovski Skull canes.

Pasotti on the West Coast

Pasotti is stocked in top boutiques in over 75 countries worldwide, and in Vancouver find them at Secret Location Concept Store. Founder and Creative Director Carey Hulshof shares, “We chose Pasotti for Secret Location because of the undeniable quality. It is apparent when you see and pick each umbrella up. Not to mention the heritage of the company, and that it is completely made in Italy.”

She continued, “We also have a very positive working relationship with Pasotti, and they allow our clients to customize their products — providing our clientele with a truly one-of-a-kind piece they can often use in our beautiful rainy city.”

Even with a much shorter events calendar in 2021, Nicola says that Pasotti will definitely showcase at Pitti Uomo in Florence and the Maison & Objet in Paris, both rescheduled for 2021.

“Skipping a season is bad not only for business but for how we are used to doing business. I am the commercial director for the company, so I travel a lot worldwide, and I miss our customers, my trips, and Tokyo!”

True luxury lovers who find themselves in Vancouver in the rainy season should definitely consider visiting Secret Location and add a Pasotti to their wardrobe. More than a mere accessory, it is a timely statement of style.


AUTHOR: Helen Siwak, Luxury Lifestyle Observer

Helen Siwak is the founder of EcoLuxLuv Communications, publisher of Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, and multiple digital lifestyle blogs. She is a content creator, consultant, and marketing and media strategist in the luxury lifestyle niche. She is a regular content contributor to Retail-Insider and has a vast freelance portfolio including Boulevard English & Chinese editions, Indulge, and Montecristo Magazine. When not attending high-profile events in Vancouver’s ‘Luxury Zone’ or on assignment abroad, she is honing her plant-based cooking skills and caring for her rescues.

Originally published at on January 12, 2021.




Embracing the dynamic and unique west coast luxury lifestyle scene in Vancouver, BC.

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Helen Siwak

Helen Siwak

Vancouver, BC. EcoLuxLuv Comms, publisher of Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, and multiple digital lifestyle blogs. See more at!

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