Memories of past and future, of dreams, people, places, experiences, memories of loss, traumas, knowledge, legacy, of things that never happened, personal, collective. The notebooks in this section are dealing with memories, letting them go, rewriting them, honouring them, breaking them free.

“Memory” — Studio Pong, 2019
Onise, Mistura Allison | AtWork Chapter Rome Participant, 2018

“My dream is to be an art curator, an art magazine publisher and a gallerist.”

My notebook is the first edition of my art magazine. In our first issue, we cover The Artist and feature never seen before content. These can only be revealed when I realize my dreams. There’s only one copy, as it is conceived as a collector’s item, of course.

Mistura is an Italian-born artist, with Nigerian heritage. She is an art curator, currently studying Art History and Architecture from UoR (BA). She has also completed African Studies and Heritage from UCL (MA). She is the founding editor of Ashiko magazine, and a future gallerist (with a lot of questions).

Our sea — let’s empty the Mediterranean, Francesco Gallo | AtWork Chapter Rome Participant, 2018

“My dream is to make the change by showing the world through the eyes of a geologist.”

My notebook shows what geology can tell about us, through the Anthropocene’s stratigraphic sequences of the Mediterranean sea, and their material and immaterial content. It’s an archaeological/paleontological object of a distant past, but at the same time current, found million years forward in time. These strata are our most objective mirror, back from the future to tell us something. All of us may read these pages of stone, which reassemble stories, emotions, and objects: our biography.

Francesco is an Italian-born geologist, and sometimes writer. He travels to discover, gain knowledge, listen and recount.

Faccetta Nera, ADD.ME | | AtWork Chapter Rome Participant, 2018

“My dream is to contribute to the presence and representation of women that can be taken as role models.”

My notebook is about the dichotomy of women’s perception; the lightness and heaviness. The lightness of beauty as a mere physical appearance opposed to the heaviness of women’s struggle to affirm themselves for their inner self. This work aims at raising a critical debate on the roles of women in the society. This notebook is a tribute to all the women that made the difference, for which they deserve a space in art, media, and society.

Add.ME is an Italian-born artist with Eritrean blood. Her research, based on humanities and socio-linguistics, covers the interconnections between art, media and society.

A Shrine for My Pen, Idriss Adoum | AtWork Chapter N’Djamena Participant, 2018

“My dream is to be a world-famous writer.”

The ink of my writing symbolizes the importance of the text. In my notebook, I wrote quotes from Victor Hugo and Thomas de Quincey as an effort to be inspired by writers who have distinguished themselves in world history.

Idriss is a Chadian-born student, with a degree in Business Administration. He graduated from General University Lansana Conte of Conakry (Guinea) in 2014.

You are engraved in our memories , Rubain Adoum Klamong | AtWork Chapter N’Djamena Participant, 2018

“My dream is to be remembered.”

I have immortalized myself through this notebook. I created a monument to myself, where some people memorialize in epitaph their regret on the day when I am no longer of this world.

Rubain is a Chadian-born painter.

Letting go, Gamuchirayi Kasanga | AtWork Chapter Harare Participant, 2018

“My dream is to let go the secrets and things that can affect my present and future life negatively.”

My work is about giving myself a chance to let go of all my troubles and the starting of a new beginning for my relationship with my mother. The work also aims to give a chance to girls and young women in my community to open up and improve dialogue with their friends and families. The handbag is representing women and girls and the contents in the bag is the baggage we are carrying.

Gamuchirayi is a Zimbabwean-born artist, currently studying visual arts at the National My work is about giving myself a chance Gallery of Zimbabwe School of Visual Arts to let go of all my troubles, and the startand Design. She completed her secondary ing of a new beginning for my relationship level at Mbare High School, and participatwith my mother.

The cinema, Alio Hachim Alio | AtWork Chapter N’Djamena Participant, 2018

“I dream of being a famous filmmaker nationally and internationally. I wish to leave my mark in the cinema before dying.”

In my Moleskine notebook I recreated a cinema, a movie theater containing the cinematic essence of the director.

Alio is a Chadian-born student, training in Media /Telecommunications. He describes himself as the son of cinema, and a filmmaker in the making.

The House of Dreams, Natoï-Allah Djimasra | AtWork Chapter N’Djamena Participant, 2018

“My dream is to become a rich and famous artist.”

This is a collection of all the dreams of the AtWork N’Djamena workshop participants. I thought it would be better, and more interesting, to dedicate a page of my notebook to the dreams of each participant, with both name and signature, making the notebook the host of all dreams contained under one roof. Dreams are our physical representations. We will remain together forever in this house of dreams, and together we will make our dreams come true.

Natoï-Allah is a Chadian-born painter, who spent his life in southern Chad (Sarh). He graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Sarh Technical Education (ENSETS) with a degree in Administration, and has a Certificate of Encouragement of Plastic Arts obtained in Mbalmayo, Cameroon.

AtWorkers’ family album , Roland Gotongar | AtWork Chapter N’Djamena Participant, 2018

“I dream of becoming a famous cartoonist and comic artist.”

My notebook is a “family album” containing caricatures and nicknames of the workshop leaders and participants.

Roland is a Chadian-born graduate, with a license in Educational Sciences. He likes cycling, teamwork and cooking.

Memsol Camera, Memsol Nadjiena Mayan | AtWork Chapter N’Djamena Participant, 2018

“My dream is to become a good camerawoman and editor.”

An analogue camera which I named after myself, Memsol Cam, so that I can work on my images.

Memsol is a Chadian-born student, studying Multimedia /Audiovisual.

The pyramid , Pale Dirsala Germain | AtWork Chapter N’Djamena Participant, 2018

“My dream is to create a big art gallery that will be used to sell works by local artists internationally.”

My representation pays homage to the Pharaohs, and to all the important Africans who have left their mark on African history.

Pale is a Chadian-born artist, who began his artistic journey with an apprenticeship at the workshop of the calligraphy, making him conscious and certain of his abilities. He attended the Artistic Training Center of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), then finished his training at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Abidjan (Ivory Coast). He is currently an agent at the National Museum of N’Djamena.

The Schemes of Heaven , Sarah Ijangolet | AtWork Chapter Kampala Participant, 2018

“My dream is to write and illustrate all the folktales in my country.”

My notebook is the beginning of a manuscript of the anthology of folk tales I hope to write, illustrate, and have published one day. In it, I retell the tale of Kintu and Nambi, and fill in the gaps in the story.

Sarah is a Ugandan-born artist, passionate about vector illustration and portraiture. She is fascinated by Ugandan folklore and mythology. A lot of her work is an exploration of the rich world of Ugandan fantasy and myths, as passed down from generation to generation. She chooses not to be limited in her depiction of Ugandan deities and supernatural beings, allowing her imagination to stretch and mold their visages and appearances to accommodate how truly extraordinary the tales about them are. In doing so, she hopes to conserve as many of these folk tales as possible.

To Be the Voice, Cate Namulondo | AtWork Chapter Kampala Participant, 2018

“My dream is to break the silence.”

The nails and razorblades represent the pain the victims of rape are put through. The holes and cuts created by the nails and blades represent the wounds that are made. These are normally too deep, and take a long time to heal. Rape is normally violent and bloody, and that’s why there is tearing of undergarments and blood everywhere. I am breaking the silence by telling victims to stand up and fight for their rights.

Cate is a Ugandan-born artist, from the Jinja District.

Studio-Radio, Anne-Marie Kadja Balé Mando | AtWork Chapter N’Djamena Participant, 2018

“My dream is to be a journalist reporter.”

In my notebook I created a radio studio from which my voice will transmit what I have recorded with my microphone and pen, which I also recreated in the notebook.

Anne-Marie is a Chadian-born student studying two courses simultaneously: multimedia production and geography at the University of Toukra (N’Djamena, Chad).

Unseen, Miriam Watsemba

Unseen, Miriam Watsemba | AtWork Chapter Kampala Participant, 2018

“My dream is to share people’s stories through photography.”

The ‘Unseen’ is a representation of Aloka Mark Trevor (20) a.k.a KIDO, who is venturing into the world of art to find himself. It also represents Dr. Nabuliime Lillian (55), an educator and sculptor at Makerere University, who is living her golden years as an artist. The Unseen brings to light the things that the Artist says without saying throughout their life’s journey with art. That is who they are, where they belong, their little pleasures in life, their time, identity and self. In the notebook, the artists speak in first person.

Miriam is a Ugandan-born documentary photographer, with the dream of sharing people’s stories through photography.

Black box, Edzai Nyakunu | AtWork Chapter Harare Participant, 2018

“My dream is to know.”

I’m programmed to think one-dimensionally, but who is to say there aren’t other dimensions beyond the third dimension? My responsibility is to look for them, to find something else. However, I might have to change what I’m looking for. The Black box represents the brain — for every input there’s an output. In the notebook, I wrote what I would like to know, what I want to know, and what I already know. Those inputs are sealed in the black box.

Edzai is a Canadian-born aspiring photographer. Having studied Design Studies at the Algonquin College in Canada, he left his pursuit of art to work menial jobs whilst juggling family expectations and his passion for art. He is currently seeking a national diploma at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe School of Visual Art and Design with the intention of majoring in photography. This medium is the only traceable form of visual art in his family. Growing up with his father wielding a film camera and developing great photographs, this is what he aspires to be.

Prosperity, Claire Rufaro Munjoma | AtWork Chapter Kampala Participant, 2018

“My dream is to be an outcast. To be untouchable, unaffected.”

What is beauty without pain? Reaching the age of womanhood is not an easy journey. Emotional pains, scars and wounds which take you years to overcome. Changes build up a whole new and different personality day by day; that’s the nature of life. Being a victim of such emotional injustice, I would take myself as a tree fighting for survival in the midst of it all.

Claire is an upcoming artist, who is currently a student at the National Gallery School of Visual arts and Design acquiring a certificate. She completed her education to secondary level, has attended inspirational workshops for the youths, and has participated in the young artist exhibitions held at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

The future is in my hand, Moline Shoniwa | AtWork Chapter Harare Participant, 2018

“My dream is not to depend on anyone, and look for a way forward to succeed in my life.”

For me to succeed in life, I myself need to work hard in order to achieve my goals. I don’t believe in myself and stand up for myself, no one will. My book expresses my feelings about helping myself, and about my future being in my own hands. It expresses how I am going to make my dream come true by getting out of the box. The ladder represents people who I know will help me. But for them to help me, I first have to help myself.

Moline is a Zimbabwean-born visual artist who resides in Chitungwiza. Currently she is studying visual art at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. She participated in two workshops, and also participated in the ‘rough diamonds’ exhibition at the National Gallery (2017).

My Bologna, Sasha | AtWork Chapter Rome Participant, 2018

“My dream is to be able to bring together my passion and my job because, as soon as you do that, you never have to work again.”

My notebook is a personalized and customizable tourist guide of my city. Everyone can create their own Bologna with their experiences, destinations and dishes, filling the empty pages as they wish. This is my Bologna. What is yours like?

Sasha is an Italian-born illustrator who has lived in Bologna for 10 years. She’s also a creator, and sometimes a tourist guide for her city. She love raspberries, cashews, hummus and the moon.

Untitled, Neville Starling | AtWork Chapter Rome Participant, 2018

“My dream is to sign the novel of my own being.”

The act of historicizing, as an act of writing, stagnates the natural progression of ideas. This process allows the author to corral a collective memory into specific directions. This type of propaganda entangles itself into a domestic setting, which in turn, vindicates the original instigator. If our memory is written for us, can we re-humanize? I examine this by deconstructing the authority of a given story; I then reconstruct it in a series of non-declarative sentences, which manifest themselves as visual questions upon which an identity may form freely.

Neville is a Zimbabwean-born self-taught multimedia installation artist, with an emphasis on era-specific photographic processes. He has held two solo exhibitions and has participated in various group shows in Southern Africa. Conceptually, his work examines time’s relationship with memory.

The story of little Miskine, Aicha Bachar Issa | AtWork Chapter N’Djamena Participant, 2018

“My dream is to become a famous writer, child advocate, write about kids and for kids.”

The story of a boy named Miskine, born into a poor family, which I wrote during the AtWork workshop. It highlights the risks and poor developmental results in children raised with a lack of adult attention of the year.

Aicha is a Chadian-born student, studying Multimedia and Telecommunications.

Lifrary, Willy Karezi | AtWork Chapter Kampala Participant, 2018

“My dream is to inspire through my life.”

My life is a library full of books, full of stories of my life. Some looking quite ragged because they have been re-read many times, others only once. People come and go, taking their time, browsing a bit, maybe even helping to write the next chapter without knowing it. My life is a library, a treasure made of words, and human interactions.

Willy is a Rwandan-born visual artist whose work is driven by his social and political engagement. He believes that art is without boundaries, enabling him to tell stories and communicate important messages to a broad audience. His work aims to share his reality, and the conditions and experiences faced by others. He uncovers unseen and erased images from the realities of others. Willy has explored alternative platforms for sharing his work in-line with his social engagement. He wants his work to contribute to communities and benefit them practically.

Discover more on AtWork Program visiting AtWork official website.

This article was originally published in Aprl in April 2019 in Folios n.1 “I Had a Dream”, the Moleskine Foundation cultural publication.



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