Building a strong network is hard. CRMs make it harder.

Much of our professional success as individuals and teams is owed to our network. Yet, in an era that champions connectivity, the way we manage our network has not really improved.

It is hardly surprising when we look at the tools at our disposal. Building and maintaining a strong network is hard, and Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs), spreadsheets, Linkedin, and good old address books & reminders just do not cut it.

Take CRMs for instance: they work terrifically for sales people. But try to adapt a CRM to network management, and you are trapped into thinking of your network as data points in a pipeline.

There Must be a Better Way

We have been working on a new way to manage relationships: leverages the power of technology to spend less time managing software and more time building your network.

More Productive lets you go straight to what matters: contact data, calendar & email integration. All the key info is automatically imported from your accounts (GSuite, Microsoft, Mailchimp, Twitter …), and presented in a clear, actionable format. No more feature overload, training or manual entry.

More Personal helps you build one-on-one relationships, at scale. You can still deliver on bulk campaigns, but the core of our mission is to help you build personalised connections.

More Collaborative is even more powerful when used with your team. Campaigns, tags, tasks, reminders, in-app team conversations: every step of building relationships is shared across all team members to let you work together on all the relationships that drive your business.

More Intelligent

Maintenance, networking, and collaboration: has intelligence baked into every layer to let you make the most out of the relationships.

Want to kick our tires?

We would love to show you around. We are open in public beta, you can register on If you are a team of 3+ teammates, you can also book a slot with us here.