Fun in the Miami sun — Update 7

Unlike any other city the team has been to, Miami felt like a vacation. The RV made its way into the city, past beautiful beaches and cruise ships tall as skyscrapers.

A gentle smell of the ocean wafted through the RV as the crew drove to SunCycling and Fitness Shop. The team’s trusty red PUBLIC bike had been a perfect fit for the Wheel, but it was time to say goodbye to their trusty friend.

For the sake of variety they decided to pick up a green bike for the trip up north. Adrian, a mechanic extraordinaire, helped the team install the Wheel on their new green bike. Adrian hadn’t seen a Copenhagen Wheel before, and loved the all-in-one design of the Wheel.

Next stop was Ocean Drive, the site of our Miami meetup. On their way, the crew stumbled onto the filming of American Criminal, and being an RV, parked in the production spot. Fit and fashionable people walked by the RV, and the red of the Wheel caught their eyes.

Many people stopped and asked about the Wheel. Jon was one of the first to ride. The crew watched his young son, who happily played with the dogs, while Jon took a quick spin. He was impressed by the Wheel, and said he was considering one.

Next #FollowTheRedWheel ran into a few members of the Miami bike scene. The group heard about the event on Twitter, and, as avid cyclists often are, were both slightly skeptical and immensely curious. A number had even built their own bike frames!

Not knowing what to expect, a pair tried the Wheel and immediately fell in love. The acceleration, combined with the smooth system that works with the rider, captivated them. They texted their friends, and before long a steady stream of avid cyclists were shouting and laughing over the Wheel.

The crew headed to the beach for some much needed relaxation, and to take some photos of the Wheel.

Up next on the #FollowTheRedWheel tour: Savanah, Georgia, and then on to Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York before arriving home in Boston.