They (who ever they are) say that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in any skill. Maybe that is the reason I haven’t become an expert.

Truth is, making a commitment of 4.8 years, round it off t0 five years, if you want to work less than forty hours a week or you want to take vacations. Five years is nothing compared to living an unfulfilled life. Think about it, twelve years of compulsory education, just to be ready to apply to college. Four (or in my case six) years to get a degree. All of a sudden five years is nothing.

Now that I have retired from the last of ten separate careers, the eleventh is what I am publishing this, my new commitment to writing. I know there will be failures along the way, and I know I will have to let them go. Thing is, all I have is time. Why not spend five years perfecting a writing style that not only brings satisfaction to me, but also entertains, inspires, and touches the heart of the reader.

Follow me on this journey through a mind of sometimes darkness, sometimes enlightenment. It might take me more than five years, (I love vacations) but what else have I to do??? FOLLOW TIME…IT KNOWS THE WAY


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