Maturity is…

Maturity is being able to have your opinions and beliefs challenged, without feeling personally challenged or attacked.

Where have all the mature adults gone? I thought some might be in Austin, Washington D.C., or other government centers. However there, they are few and far in between.

It seems that our elected leaders see other ideas as a personal attack on themselves and their constituents. What ever happened to “let’s talk it over.” Of course, if the only feedback asked for is from campaign contributors, it might be tainted. Would elected officials pay attention to more constituents if each one could only give a maximum of one hundred dollars?

Campaign contributed money has been made equivalent with “Free Speech”. Speech can be judged on the merits of the ideas presented. Speech can be examined by the number of speakers expressing the same thought. Speech differentiates on words as small as “may”, “will” and “law” is icing on the cake.

Money in excess seems to validate any idea no matter how few the plan benefits and regardless of how many it restricts. Employees change employers at the drop of a hat and a raise. Explain how elected officials have escaped the employee “mindset.” Who is the employer, “voter” or “contributor”?

…the only hope for our future.

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