This Year Give Yourself The Gift Of Focus

One New Year’s resolution that will forever change your world.

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I remember my first visit to the optometrist. I was thirteen years old. I don’t recall what precipitated the trip. Maybe my parents were concerned about my seeming lack of eye-hand coordination. Perhaps I had complained of things looking fuzzy. I’m not even sure when my need for glasses began, but whatever the reason, that first visit would forever change how I viewed my world — both figuratively and literally.

It was a fairly simple process to bring my vision back into focus. There was a special machine that contained what must have been a million different choices. The doctor would select two sets of lenses at a time, then ask me to look through the machine and choose which set was better. It wasn’t a painful or difficult process. With his help I was ultimately guided to the best prescription for me. Of course, there were more than a few choices to be made.

But, each time, I had just two options. A or B. Better or worse. Clear or fuzzy.

My dad brought me back to the doctor the following week to pick up my glasses. That’s when things really got exciting. Having been properly fitted and wearing my new set of spectacles, I walked out of the office and I was astounded by the new and wonderful world that now surrounded me. It was a world that I had been unaware of before that day. I could make out the individual leaves on trees. I could read the words on signs and posters. All the colors around me seemed more vivid and alive. Everything was crisp and clean and new. My world had been transformed, my life forever changed; all because of a progression of questions that asked me to choose ONE thing — better or worse.

The Focusing Question

David Keller, Founder of Keller-Williams Real Estate, asks in his book, The ONE Thing, “What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

His book is all about learning what we need to do to accomplish the ONE Thing in each area of our lives.

As a thirteen-year old my ONE Thing at the time was to see better. I needed the help of a doctor to ask the right questions that would show me how to achieve my goal. But, and this is important, they weren’t hard questions.

The Process

Finding the answers to your ONE Thing needn’t be difficult either. Keller recommends using the Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 Rule) to drill down and determine what your ONE Thing is.

The rule, simply stated says that a small amount (20%) of the work you do will yield a large amount (80%) of the results.

Pick an area of your life (Physical/Emotional/Family/Financial/Spiritual) and write down the ONE Thing you would like to accomplish in it. Then, list all of the things you believe are necessary to do this.

If you have 100 items on your to-do list, start out by choosing the top 20 that are most crucial to accomplishing your ONE Thing. From that list of 20, choose the 4 or 5 that are most important. From that 4 or 5 choose the ONE thing to do that is most important to achieving your ONE Thing.

Repeat this process for each area of your life.

The Rewards

You will be amazed at how quickly things come into focus once you do this. When you distill everything down to just ONE Thing (for each of those areas) your perception of the world expands. You replace sight with vision. Opportunities that you were completely unaware of are suddenly right there in front of you, much like the leaves on the trees.

Knowing the ONE Thing you must do everyday gives you your marching orders for the day. You have a compass that is pointing to your dreams and goals. You wake up in the morning with a sense of purpose (because you know the ONE Thing you must do). Distractions become less of a problem (and they’re easier to say “no” to) because you need simply ask yourself, “If I do this, is it better or worse?” You go to bed with a sense of accomplishment (because you worked at your ONE Thing). It becomes easy to plan your day before it begins — you just select to do those things that are congruent with your ONE Thing.

In my travels, I make it a point to ask fellow network marketing leaders, “If you could do just ONE Thing better to grow your business, what would it be?” Almost without fail, they answer, “Be better at following up.” Most of the time it’s because they don’t have a system. When you’re out there, making tons of contacts, it’s hard to keep them organized.

Are you missing out on your ONE Thing because you don’t have a followup system in place? If there was a tool that could quickly bring order to those stacks of business cards, post-it notes, and the list you’ve been building, would you use it? There is. It’s called FollowFox. It’s fast, easy-to-use, and totally free. Click here to sign up today.

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