Big data fusion, FollowQuant forges a new era of quantitative trading

Quantitative trading is spearheading to disrupt financial technology. Compared to traditional manual trading, it can avoid emotional operations to arrive at a more efficient positions management, automates trading strategies and result in a more sustainable and stable returns.

Followme, as the leading trading community in China, in order to build a quantitative strategy development platform based on user data, we devote ourselves to 700 days and spent tens of millions to undertake an in-depth exploration and analysis of billions of transaction data in the community, creating an innovative product that is disrupting the industry — FollowQuant. As the world’s first and only quantitative strategy development platform based on user transaction big data analysis, the birth of FollowQuant is an important milestone in the history of foreign exchange transactions and will create a new era of quantitative trading.

FollowQuant — Handling hundreds of millions of user data to improve risk control efficiency

In the face of the fast-growing margin trading market, users’ trading orders have risen exponentially, posing an increasing challenge to the liquidity management of brokers. How to manage the massive user data more finely, formulate the liquidity optimization plan more scientifically, improve the profitability of the brokerage business, and reduce the business risk are the pressing issues that FollowQuant is committed to solving.

At present, relying on the big data of the Followme trading community, FollowQuant uses stream processing technology to realize real-time visual statistical analysis for monitoring tens of millions of real-time transaction order flows and hundreds of millions of historical transaction data, the real-time response can be realized for the change of the position of the transaction, the inquiry of the account transaction information, the new account and the statistics of the deposit and withdrawal.

FollowQuant — Create a quantitative trading strategy based on user data and perform historical market back-test verification to increase profitability.

FollowQuant is a powerful data management tool combining real-time, historical order data visualization analysis with quantitative strategy construction and back-testing.

Through digging deep into community big data, FollowQuant currently supports more than 260 account classes and order metrics, allowing users to optimize various metrics based on their risk-reward preferences, helping users to accurately measure the net value fluctuations in transactions in historical markets and situations of drawdown, coupled with providing free matching standard varieties, positive and negative follow-up, as well as stop loss and profit-taking settings.

At present, the Followme trading team’s quantitative trading strategy based on the Followme user transaction big data has achieved more than 50% of the revenue in the past 8 months of operation, the maximum drawdown is less than 10%, and the risk-return ratio exceeds 5. Currently, there are 80,000 to 100,000 trade orders per day in the Followme trading community, providing powerful data protection for this type of quantitative trading strategy.

FollowQuant — The policy can be applied through the API interface, and the average single transaction delay is less than 200 milliseconds.

Through our mature CopyTrade system binding trading account (API), the developed quantitative trading strategy is conducive to real trading. With the fuel of big data stream processing technology, the time of each order filtered from model analysis to execution is within 200 milliseconds.

Currently, FollowQuant has been put into use in the market and is designed as both enterprise and personal version. The enterprise version is aimed at brokers, agencies or hedge funds with a large number of user transaction data sources. It can develop a robust quantitative trading strategy from its own user transaction data to enhance business profitability. This version was launched in June. The personal version is aimed at users of the Followme trading community. It can quantify and analyze individual traders in the community and build a personal portfolio strategy to reduce transaction risk. This version is currently under development.

Followme Chief Risk Officer Will Pan said that in the era of the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, artificial intelligence applied to quantitative transactions will be the “core” of the future financial market. Based on the unique real-world transaction data of community, FollowQuant will greatly improve the efficiency of market allocation and investment decisions, allowing users from all over the world to experience the most authentic intelligent transactions.

Technology changes finance, Followme holds the vision of becoming the world leader in the intelligent trading industry and has been committed to providing users with competitive trading and industry solutions to promote the transparency and standardization of the entire foreign exchange industry. In the future, users can use the Followme trading community to enter the market faster and more equitably and use more scientific quantitative investment strategies to truly reduce their portfolio risk and achieve real value preservation and appreciation.



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