Run ahead, Followme opens a new door for global forex trading

With the increasing trend of globalization, currency circulation is becoming more and more frequent. As an international investment field, forex has attracted more and more attention. Under this context, Followme has emerged and grown rapidly to become the world’s leading forex trading community.

Nowadays, Followme’s globalization strategy has made remarkable achievements, with users covering 160 countries and regions in China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, and Oceania. The continuous development and improvement of overseas territories depicts followme’s market advantage at the forefront of World Trade and opens a new door for global forex trading.

Dedication to developing products

Followme was born in 2015. In the same year, the R&D center was established. It creates a friendly interactive platform for forex traders to exchange and share market information. The initial product prototype is the “FX Friends Community”. In the beginning, “FX Friends Community didn’t attract much attention, but the excellent communication atmosphere allowed many trading users to grow strong interest, and more and more people gathered in FX Friends Community. In that year, the registered users of the “FX Friends Community” exceeded 60000.

At this time, followme also found that simple community communication is difficult to meet the deeper trading needs of users. To solve this problem, “FX Friends Community has gradually expanded into an open and transparent new trading community integrating microblog, online chat, forex information, trading dynamics, and variety aggregation pages.

Followme international community page

Nowadays, followme trading community has set up many official accounts, such as the “secretary” who notifies the community dynamics in time, the “risk management center” of users’ who keeps a careful attention to trading abnormalities, the “product Koi” who pays attention to users’ needs and notifies users about product updates, etc., to help users understand and integrate into the community environment faster from multiple perspectives. At present, the followme community has more than 260,000 users with an average daily life of tens of thousands.

Listen attentively and pay close attention to the trading demand

One year after its inception, followme took the lead in launching the FollowTrade trading system, enabling users to conduct online trading while chatting in the community, which practices the perfect binding of communication and transaction.

At the same time, globalization makes forex market a participating for worldwide investors. More and more new investors enter the market, but the lack of trading experience, professional knowledge and risk awareness make difficult for them to obtain stable returns. Hence, followme has developed copy trade system, which enables community users to push their boundaries and choose to copy suitable trading signals by following in forward or reverse directions.

In addition, followme has developed a multi-account system to solve the issue that users are limited by a single broker platform. Users can sign up a followme account to bind multiple broker accounts and enjoy the benefits of being a trader and a follower.

Nowadays, the followme trading community supports the MT4 / 5 binding of more than 2,000 brokers’ accounts around the world and gradually develops into a powerful open platform. Through the open system, traders can be followed after binding their trading accounts. They can earn trading profits, at the same time with considerable subscription fee revenue and a group of loyal followers. As a result, the community has gathered a large number of high-quality strategic signals, and users who are followers can choose free or paid subscriptions according to their trading preferences, to achieve a win-win situation for both the trading and the followers.

Followme International Strategy Market Page. Users can subscribe to traders’ strategies according to their preferences.

Territory expansion, markets without borders

Since the establishment of followme, it has been adhering to the vision of leading the global intelligent transaction industry. In the past five years, the overseas market has been expanding, and the Southeast Asia market is the first stop for followme to take the lead in global transactions.

In July this year, followme participated in the “WiKi financial Expo (Kuala Lumpur) 2019” exhibition, discussed financial technology with users from all over the world, shared the innovation achievements of community artificial intelligence, and financial technology, and took the first step of overseas market expansion.

At the same time, followme carried out product innovation. In July, followme launched 2 versions of its website in English and traditional Chinese, as well as the new domain names “” and “”. Mobile apps in English and traditional Chinese have also been launched in Google Play and App store, which has become another milestone of strong breakthrough in the overseas market.

Followme international mobile page

Since the international version was launched, it has received a good market response, advanced copy-trading technology and convenient trades following operation have been unanimously recognized by overseas users. In just two months, there are 5633 users registered in the overseas version. Overseas users speak freely in the community. Although from different countries, they have an urgent need for trading and exchange, which makes their ideas burst out different sparks. By the end of September, overseas users had posted 801 short posts and 2116 long posts.

Good products have no national boundaries, good product experience can convey feelings!

“No copy-trading community can be as real, open and transparent as followme,” said Jone, a trading user from the United States. In followme, you can see other people’s open trading accounts and know their public trading data. “Through this public information, we can observe the strategies of traders, depending on your choice, you can learn their strategies, or choose to follow their trading,, but all of them improve the convenience of trading.” This once again reflects the good reputation that followme has accumulated in the global market.

Next, Followme will focus on the Southeast Asian and African markets and launch more language versions of products online. Under the trend of globalization, the competition in the forex market will be more and more fierce. Difficulties and challenges are inevitable, but it is followme’s first intention to do well in products. Followme believes that the choice of Chinese users and the world’s users will be the same, that is only real and high-quality products can harvest the trust of users.

In the future, followme will continue to provide traders from all over the world with high-quality platforms and services, enabling truly meaningful global reading community. Followme is bound to blossom in the global forex trading industry.



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