Secrets behind Followme — What makes it a world’s leading social trading network

A good social trading community service is your true friend

We all know that Investment and trading are comprised of lot of important elements, and sometimes to be successful in it, you might need help from others. Some traders learnt from books, some learnt from paid educations, some learnt from professional traders, and there is one more important way to learn, is from the social trading networks. You can find a lot of good traders from the user-defined search and ranking features in this community. On the other hand, the social trading network connects you with other good traders for one vital purpose — copy trading, a new, modern and more efficient way to participate the financial markets trading activities. The copy trading technology links the trader and followers (it can be you) account so that when the trader’s account trade, the followers account will be trading automatically. Therefore, follower not only share the long practised and proven trading strategies of the traders but also enjoy the higher possibility of having a better trading performance done by the traders you linked your own trading account with. A good social trading network service is your true friend in your trading life!

Followme is a world leading social trading network made for you. The secret values that make Followme stands out world widely includes but not limited to

· A user friendly community service with good trader filtering and ranking system backed up by a highly TECHNOLOGY driven business model including proven world class capacities in big data analysis and AI practice

· INDEPENDENT technology solutions and alternative trading practices make Followme highly competitive comparing to other non-independent trading communities.

· HIDDEN POWER Breakdown: FollowRank, FollowGuard, FollowQuant. These are the core features (you can call them hidden powers) help its users to improve trading performance

· Essential RISK MANAGEMENT solutions is the key for a long-term consistent success

OK, let’s start our exciting journey!

Followme is an open Community for Traders, Followers and it is also valuable to other market participants. The community is different from its peers for a lots of reasons, and the most obvious one is that it is not only simply a place where people can gather together and talk and share the trading ideas online, or find the good traders you want to link your trading account with, but more importantly, Followme is “a highly technology driven business which has heavily focus on big data analysis process so that it brings the follower true performance and serious ranking of successful traders who you can trust”. This is where the real value about! It pushed the intelligent trading ideas and practices to another level compare to the normal trading process such as learn the textbook, learn from paid educations, and start to trade with your own real money with panic, and go through a long and hard way to be success.

Participants in the Community

Let’s see some easy figures for you to understand the business. There are over 20,000 registered traders and over 300,000 community users. The number of orders gone through Followme copy trading facilities has reached to almost 20 million.

An important bridge role but independent service between traders/followers and the brokers

Since its inception in 2015, Followme has been committed to creating a true, open and transparent, intelligent trading community that links global traders and brokers through the open platform and tailor-made information delivery products. In another word, due to its independence (not having the same interest as the brokers), Followme provides its users with the independent technology solutions and alternative trading and investment practices. The business model has been highly recognized by its users which make Followme highly competitive comparing to other non-independent trading communities.

At the same time, Followme has the bigger picture in the mind. It heavily invested and will continue to invest in big data analysis, AI, quantitative trading and other fields to create a more ideal trading environment for millions of community users in the future.

Global activities

Followme group, as a pure Fintech business model, has global activities in China, including Hongkong and Taiwan, and in Australia, UK and states, and more Asia-Pacific countries. It facilitates the investment and trading solutions covering a variety of markets and products including FX, Futures, Stocks, Digital currencies, and Fund.

Interface of the platform/Community

The Followme platform hubs over 20,000 traders and 300,000 registered users worldwide. You can image how busy the activities in this community every day. Followme has both PC version, its core trading brands “” and mobile APP application “Followme Trading Community”. Its unique product design and feature, business operational model and great value has been highly recognized by the traders and community users.

Brand Honours

As a Fintech business, Followme has won lots of awards, which beautifully demonstrated its technical strength in Fintech and trading service provider industry. We snapshotted some awards from 2016–2017. It includes 2016 Greatest Influential Forex Service Provider, 2016 News Communication Pioneer Award, 2016 Most trustworthy by Investors, 2016 Most trustworthy by Investors, 2017 Best Trading Community, and 2017 Forex Innovative Technology Enterprise, etc.

Main Products and Strength

Start from here, we can break down some major products and strength that Followme are providing which can help your investment and trading practice and performance.

Again, what you can see is that Followme is a leading social trading community, but what you can’t see is the inside of the business model at the backend. That’s why, we will focus on some key products and features and their strength including FollowRank, FollowGuard, FollowQuant, Traders Community. Let’s see why we believe it will benefit you one by one. These are the hidden powers you will not miss when you are the users.

Hidden Power 1 — FollowRank

FollowRank is a trade account rating system made for you. If you are a follower, the first thing you will think about is how can I find a good trader that I like and trust. Firstly, you can customise your own criteria of filtering the traders and find the performance you like… Secondly, FollowRank, the scientific trader performance ratings system and trade’s maximum account drawdown commitments provide followers with the references of how to select the good traders.

The ranking system contains the practice of scientific evaluation of traders, data linear regression, weighted scores and daily update. The rating is based on the trader account’s recent 13 weeks of trading performance. It calculates the trader’s scores from five factors. These five factors are the account’s Profitability, Stability, Risk control ability, Casual profit, and Capital size.

Apart from the good trader ranking result, Follower can also check more details of a trader selected. The details of a trader account include ample report the performance figures. They are Profit Chart, Equity/Balance Chart, Monthly Analysis Report, P&L Report, and Holding period Report. Trader can go through these reports and figures to ensure he is choosing the right trader.

Hidden Power 2 — FollowGuard

FollowGuard is another very important value that is definitely worth to be discussed. FollowGuard provides double ends protections in a variety of ways: The front-end supports user-defined follow mode and protection modes, while the backend automatically handles operational risk such as abnormal trading conditions and provides all-round real-time monitoring, ensuring the security of following. It contains the detailed practice including equity protection, intelligent order make up, intelligent follow, advanced setting, etc.

Hidden Power 3 — FollowQuant

FollowQuant is the key! It is one of the key values of the whole social trading network. FollowQuant is a Big Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence process. Followme’s data analysis system is a multi-dimensional scientific analysis that thoroughly demonstrates the trader’s comprehensive trading ability. The Market data can be analyzed and studied so it can grow. The community data help the users to share their trading experience in a more efficient way. The Trading data contains key information of how a trader account performance. It provides basic information to the followers of the trader’s account performance. So in the nut shell, the whole Big data analysis and AI process includes the practice of collecting data of global users from a wide range of categories, statistically analysing through artificial intelligence algorithms, engaging in financial behaviour research, so as it eventually able to provide the high-quality trading signals selection service to trade followers and other users. Also, Followme provides big data platform and strategy services to third-party individuals or institutional users to. As you know, data is the fundamental key elements of Big data analysis and AI process.

Traders Community

Trading is a lonely process. “More than Trade” is always the spirit that Followme has been chasing and accomplishing. Followme creates a busy and user-friendly community. Followme provides all-round community trading service, integrating variety information, trading dynamics, blogs, chat rooms, live broadcasts. It integrates participants of the trading industry, creating a trading community ecosystem. There are over 100K topics and 102K community blogs which generates 38 million pieces of contents up to now, and it is growing.

Multiple Account System

Community users can enjoy the feature of Multiple Account benefits. Once a user registers a community account, he can link as many traders and followers account as he wishes. He can enjoy the benefit of being the trader and follower with 2 different identities respectively.

The Risk Management practice 1 — Select the strategy to follow

When we are talking about copying trading, we consider how much a follower can make by linking his account with a good trader, but more importantly, is what is the maximum risk exposure a follower wish to take.

Therefore, the last 2 things but surely not the least, are related to the risk control features provided in Followme copy trading functions. They are (1) how to set up the “Strategy to follow” before you start the following, and (2) what are the “risk management solutions in Account Setting” during the period of following. Again, these are essential for the copy trading system. It protects the follower in order to achieve consistent success.

Let’s see the first one, how to set up the “Strategy to follow” before you start the following. The follower can choose 2 major ways to follow a trade account. They are a fixed quantity to follow (one the left), and a proportional quantity to follow (one the right), as the figure shows. Moreover, it also provides followers some hints to assist their better following performance including (1) back testing result of following profit and (2) suggested following funds are needed in the following account. (please see the figure)

Risk Management practice 2 — extra protection to your follower account

Followme provides extra protection solutions, which makes the Risk Management practice stands out from its peers very obviously. Let’s see what are the “risk management solutions in Account Setting” during the period of following.

(1) Max DD (Min Equity) Protection: It provides the Maximum Drawdown or Minimum Equity Balance protection of the account. It means that once the follower account occurs a loss up to the maximum drawdown number that a follower set up initially, the copy trading function is immediately shut down. Therefore, the maximum loss you choose to accept will be kept at this level approximately (it slightly varies due to the trading condition offered by different brokers). It makes the follower stay away from keep monitoring the account performance so they can focus on their own life without unlimited loss exposure.

(2) Follow new order Permitted — it provides the follower the manual opt in and out to follow that selected trader. If the follower do not like the current trader or do not wish to follow the trader, the only thing he needs to do is to deactivate the button so that the following relationship is unchanged, but only the old position can be closed by no more new orders can be followers.

(3) Max Trade volume to follow — Follower can choose to set up the maximum trading volume to follow. Once the maximum trading volume is reached, the new order will not be been opened even the linked trade places new orders. It gives the Follower the rights to judge and practice the maximum suitable trading volume of their own follower’s account.

Follower has freedom

Nevertheless, Follower has freedom. Follower can trade themselves manually in the trading account although the account has been linked to a trader he selected initially. It is always possible that the follower can overwrite any particular trading orders from linked trader, by manually opening or closing based on follower’s own decision.

Copy Trading — Followers Vs. Traders. — Participate with your own Identity

Anyone can be a follower or a trader. You can register as a Follower identity so that you can link your personal real trading account with a good trader and make the potential profit from the trading performance done by the trader. On the other hand, you can register as a Trader identity so that you can provide REAL trading account signal and make subscription fee profit paid by the followers who linked account to you. As you know, to be a successful trader, you will provide good performance and ranked by Followme trader ranking system. You have to be a real good trader to be success.


There is one thing very sure, is that Followme, this user friendly and highly technology driven social trading network service can totally change your future investment and trading practice. It is the right time to participate and enjoy the world class new cutting-edge technology makes your trading matter!

FOLLOWME Social Trading Network

FOLLOWME is the world’s leading cross-platform social…

FOLLOWME Social Trading Network

FOLLOWME is the world’s leading cross-platform social trading network. It provides trading communication environment, online forex account-opening guides, demo trading software, forex market trends, forex strategy analysis, forex copy-trading, investment encyclopedia, Trading Q&A

Followme Social Trading Network

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Followme is a world-leading social trading network to connect brokers and investors worldwide. ❤️

FOLLOWME Social Trading Network

FOLLOWME is the world’s leading cross-platform social trading network. It provides trading communication environment, online forex account-opening guides, demo trading software, forex market trends, forex strategy analysis, forex copy-trading, investment encyclopedia, Trading Q&A