Building Brands & Communities in Web3: Launching Products and Creating Communities in Web3

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Web3, which is slated to be the next iteration of the web, will be built on decentralized blockchain technology. By eschewing centralization, blockchain will grant Web3 significantly enhanced security, privacy, speed, and efficiency. It will also allow Web3 to function without the centralized organizations that currently control most of the World Wide Web.

Web3 will be built, owned, and run by its users, relying on decentralized blockchain tech, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to take back ownership from centralized entities and give it to the users. The success of Web3 projects and brands will be heavily reliant on communities. Although building brands and communities in Web3 from the ground up requires tons of time and effort, the payoff will be more than worth it.

So how can you successfully build communities and launch products on Web3?

First, you will need to construct an authoritative White Paper that outlines your project, the problems you aim to solve, and how you plan on solving them. With proper distribution, a good white paper can give your Web3 project legitimacy in a market that’s filled with plenty of unscrupulous players. Furthermore, it has the potential to go viral in Web3 communities on platforms like Discord and Twitter and bring your project plenty of attention.

Knowing what kind of community you want to build will allow you to seek the right kind of expertise from the right places. You will want investors, holders, and crypto experts to be associated with your brand. Find related content creators who are expressive and interactive to increase the odds of your community growing. Social media platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram are goldmines as they are home to plenty of Web3 communities.

Next, you will have to consider which blockchain network to build your project on. Aside from Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the two largest ecosystems for blockchain, there are thousands of individual cryptos. Plenty of them have built up strong communities. Bitcoin Cash, for starters, forked from Bitcoin in 2017 and boasts faster transaction speeds and fewer fees thanks to its larger block size.

Based on your Web3 project, you could also consider minting access coins to allow your users to access certain accounts on your websites, or specific regions in your metaverse project. You may also require governance coins and utility coins depending on the nature of your community or brand. Chances are your community will grow slowly and you may even lose some members as the community matures. However, as long as engagement remains positive and constructive, your project will be on the right track.

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