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Fomo Lab officially on Coin Gecko

On Friday 23rd April Fomo Lab was officially listed on Coin Gecko. CoinGecko is the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator with over 6,000 different crypto-assets tracked across more than 400 exchanges.

Benefits of Coin Geko

  1. The user-generated sentiment poll is very useful for determining how people feel about a coin on any given day.
  2. Secondly, CoinGecko also has more detailed social stats for different social medias such as, facebook, Twitter. You can use all that information, combined it with that market cap data to get a better feeling for the coin.
  3. A copy and paste method for any token address making it simple to purchase a coin.
  4. For those that want to check up and see what project developers have been up to Coin Gecko also has you covered with developer data on things like merged pull requests, contributors, community activity, and more.
  5. Coin Geko have their own screening security methods in order to find any bad actors in the industry . Basically, if coins are suspected of wash trading then they’re removed from the Coin Gecko rankings.

What does this mean for $FOMO?

The listing announcement means that the fiat currency value of any token holder is shown on trust wallet now because of the listing.

With being on Coin Gecko, this is the first listing. Following this, we look to be listed on other sites such as Blockfolio and Coin Market Cap. This is only going to bring more exposure for $FOMO.

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Fomo Lab is the leading intellectual property specialist who guides brands as they join the NFT and metaverse space to become part of the web3 revolution. Fomo Lab are also bringing an entire DeFi product ecosystem to the market and are ensuring NFTs are accessible to the masses.

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Fomo Lab

Fomo Lab

FOMO Lab is a full suite DeFi NFT platform, management company & creation studio.

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