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Fomo Lab partner with Netvrk!

Fomo Lab are excited to announce our most recent partner — Netvrk.

Netvrk is a multichain metaverse that enables users to monetise their content through the use of NFTs and virtual land — creating the new era of a digital economy and providing solutions to ensure the adoption of the Metaverse.

FOMO Lab x Netvrk Partnership Announcement

With synergies between Fomo Lab and Netvrk expanding from providing solutions to the mass adoption challenge to educating communities with the understanding of application from NFTs, Metaverses, DeFi and Crypto; this partnership will see the expansion of the Fomo Lab project amongst new communities and advancements in our tech stack!

FomoVERSE Metaverse Preview

About Netvrk

Netvrk is a multichain metaverse built on Unreal Engine, with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily build, share, experience, and monetize creations via NFTs. With a focus on gaming, education and ecommerce, built around ownership of virtual land and assets.

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About Fomo Lab

Fomo Lab is presenting the industry with the reasons why NFTs are not just hype bubble, but are a new stage of evolution in digital asset ownership. Championing NFT utility, DeFi advancements and metaverse applications and providing the mass adoption solution!

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Fomo Lab is the leading intellectual property specialist who guides brands as they join the NFT and metaverse space to become part of the web3 revolution. Fomo Lab are also bringing an entire DeFi product ecosystem to the market and are ensuring NFTs are accessible to the masses.

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Fomo Lab

FOMO Lab is a full suite DeFi NFT platform, management company & creation studio.

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