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FOMO Lab X Oraichain

FOMO Lab is thrilled to announce a partnership with Oraichain, the world’s first AI-powered oracle and ecosystem for blockchains. This strategic partnership could not have come at a better time as FOMO lab is gaining popularity and Oraichain is about to launch aiRight. We will use this opportunity to use Oraichain’s core AI technology developed for NFTs and aiRight and integrate it with our platform.

FOMO Lab is a complete suite of DeFi NFT platforms, management companies, and creation studies. We use NFTs as a core product to bring blockchain projects to life and improve their services. With this partnership, we will streamline our platform and use AI technology to provide the best service.

About Oraichain

Oraichain is the world’s first AI-powered oracle and ecosystem for blockchain. The company connects and aggregates AI APIs to regular applications and smart contracts. Dr. Chung Dao founded Oraichain to create a bridge between AI and blockchain technologies which will act as the foundation layer to create next-gen smart contracts and dApps.

Oraichain differs from other platforms as it uses raw data and AI APIs to create and process data on the go using virtual machines. The company enhances data quality, security, and reliability using test cases and eliminates the need for intermediaries.

aiRight is a product by Oraichain, which is the world’s first one-stop platform for NFT creation and copyright management. The platform harnesses Oraichain’s power to check authenticity and point of origin for digital work minted-on chains. The main aim of aiRight is to become a transparent and entirely trustless NFT ecosystem.

What does the partnership entail?

The partnership between FOMO Lab and Oraichain will be mutually beneficial for our company. Both the companies work hard for the betterment of the crypto community and to promote its adoption. With this endeavor, we take another step in this direction and aim to improve the crypto space.

We at FOMO Lab are developing an NFT Verification Platform that will help us provide value to artists, musicians, athletes, celebrities, rappers, digital creatives, and influencers. Oraichain will use its advanced AI Oracle Services to help us achieve this goal. Some of the important goals of this partnership are:

  • FOMO Labs will help Oraichain make aiRight DeFi and Gallery readily available to our users using the FOMO Lab NFT management platform.
  • We will provide a critical use case to Oraichain’s revolutionary AI-powered technology.
  • FOMO Labs will use Oraichain’s support to develop our NFT Verification Platform for NFTs, which will serve these purposes:
  • Indexing existing NFTs
  • Developing NFT data visualization tools
  • Creating a bridge between several blockchain networks such as Oraichain.
  • Using AI to create compelling services such as similarity calculation between NFTs.
  • Creating future AI ORacle services such as NFT price feeds.

FOMO Lab and Oraichain will join forces to create potential applications that will promote NFT mass distribution and adoption. We will also be conducting AMAs on both the platforms’ official Telegram group to address all queries.

FOMO Lab and Oraichain will work closely to customize and deploy unique AI Oracle services for Oraichain in addition to strengthening our NFT uniqueness validation capabilities. We will also be experimenting with cross-chain opportunities to verify the originality of assets across different blockchain networks.

About FOMO Lab

FOMO Lab is a complete suite of DeFi NFT platforms, a management company, and creating a studio. We curate and vet every NFT release on our platform by renowned musicians, celebrities, athletes, rappers, digital creatives, artists, and influencers.

FomoLab ecosystem enlists four significant products that help make NFTs mainstream and bring a positive change in the digital art industry. These set of products are:

  • FomoSTAKE
  • FomoSWAP
  • FomoWALLET
  • FomoVAULT

These products create an immersive platform for collectors and fans to access and trade digital and physical collectibles.

We are excited about this partnership as it will allow both companies to add value to individual platforms while promoting mass distribution and adoption of NFTs.



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