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Fomo Labs AMA on Blockchain Space

On Wednesday 14th April, Fomo Labs featured on another AMA. Fomo Labs were on Blockchain Space. Another large crypto community with over 18,000 members.

Firstly we at Fomo Labs would like to thank Blockchain Space for inviting us to host an AMA. AMA’s are a great way for the community to engage and build trust as they find out more about the project and have their most asked questions answered.

The AMA was carried out through message again and was taken by the CTO (Zeno Defi)

Q1- ‘Can you explain a bit about yourself and how you are linked to Fomo Labs’

2. What is Fomolabs all about, explain its fundamentals and importance?

Q2- Carried over

Q3- Share with us the tokenomics and the use cases for $FOMO

Use cases of $FOMO explained

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