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Fomo Lab partners with blockchain experts Acacia Digital Holdings

Fomo Lab are pleased excited to announce our most recent partner — Acacia

With this partnership being created, Fomo Lab believes that this relationship will help extend Fomo Lab’s reach in the blockchain environment. With the web3 integration and metaverse applications being built, this signifies the areas in which we look to dominate and being associated with acacia digital will help achieve Fomo Lab’s intentions.

Acacia Digital Holdings (Acacia) is part of a diversified blockchain platform that includes three separate entities, which focus on trading, mining, and early-stage investment. Acacia is the venture investment arm of the platform and looks to invest in and partner with early-stage blockchain companies, that are solving complex problems in large markets.

The founders of Acacia have extensive experience in marketing, structuring, and trading traditional financial products. They have successfully launched businesses in tech, real estate, and blockchain. One of Acacia’s founders also hosts a popular English-language podcast, Crypto Current, which has helped introduce and market several prominent blockchain projects.

Fomo Lab is presenting the industry with the reasons why NFTs are not just a hype bubble but are a new stage of evolution in digital asset ownership. Championing NFT utility, DeFi advancements and metaverse applications and providing the mass adoption solution!

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