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Fomo Lab’ s record breaking IDO launch!

IDO launch sold out in under 9 minutes!

What is FomoLabs?

FomoLabs aims to be more than just an NFT marketplace, but also “the most exclusive NFT management agency”, with fully vetted NFT releases by well-known musicians, athletes, celebrities, rappers, artists, digital creatives, and influencers.

At its core, FomoLabs is a community of passionate creatives, fans, and designers. We want to create exciting and unique collaborations and meaningful engagements between digital creators of our future and present world-renowned celebrities, artists, musicians, and fashion icons.

FomoLabs featuring in Forbes

We aim to break the boundaries of AR,VR and NFT technology to bring completely new products to market and create unique and thought-inspiring collaborations between artists using different mediums within fashion, music, technology and art.

The pre-sale price on BSC starter was 0.000064 BNB per token or 15,625 tokens per BNB.

Maximum of 800 BNB was available during the pre sale, with a maximum purchase per wallet of 2 BNB.

FomoLabs broke previous records on the BSC starter platform. By being the fastest IDO to sell out on the platform after the hard cap smashing previous records after selling out within the first 9 minutes from initial launch. Guaranteed allocation was complete after just 3 minutes of the 15 allocated.

After the first 24 hours from initial launch there are now officially over 2719 token holders in their respective BSC wallet. This figure is impressive and further indicates the belief in the project.

We at Fomolabs would like to thank the BSC starter team for making this process run efficiently. Also, a special mention to anyone who has participated in FomoLabs thus far. We are appreciative of all your efforts.

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