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Digital cryptocurrencies are poised to be a major competitor to traditional fiat currencies in the coming years. Built on decentralized ledger technology, cryptos offer a variety of benefits that make them rather more appealing than physical currencies. They are secure, private, facilitate quick and easy transfer of funds, and are more protected from inflation. As of July 2022, there were more than 18,000 cryptos in total and over 180 million Bitcoin users worldwide.

With cryptos like Bitcoin even gaining some traction as a store of value, more and more investors are turning their attention to digital decentralized currencies. Amidst increasing interest in the cryptocurrency market came crypto launchpads, which are fundraising platforms that allow investors to invest in new crypto projects before they are publicly listed. Also referred to as crypto incubators, these launchpads are a great place for investors to find innovative crypto projects.

Launchpads are essentially platforms that allow developers and entrepreneurs to host their new crypto and blockchain-based projects and raise capital. These platforms also give interested investors early access to blockchain projects and allow them to purchase digital tokens at discounted prices. Just a few years after they were first introduced, launchpads are quickly becoming a core pillar of the decentralized finance ecosystem.

The Fomo Lab Launchpad allows for crypto / NFT / GameFi / DeFi / Metaverse projects to proceed with their IDOs (Initial DEX Offering) — and will be released projects native on ETH Mainnet. The purpose of the Launchpad is like others; it will allow community members projects to gain new eyes, raise appropriate funds and have full control over their launch strategy.

What’s more, allowing investors to buy tokens at cheaper prices allows them to minimize their investment costs. By providing a central location, launchpads make it much easier and more convenient for investors to narrow down their choices and settle on a specific project.

Launchpads also give developers and entrepreneurs a chance to collect much-needed capital. Furthermore, the cost of launching a crypto project on a launchpad is relatively low, sometimes insignificant. As a result, more blockchain-based projects are turning to crypto launchpads for their fundraising needs. Rather than shop their projects around to find interested investors, they can join an already existing community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors who are just itching to explore new crypto and NFT related projects.

Since investors have a chance to be part of the project right from the start, they also get to reap the benefits of their discounted investment in the long run. This has made launchpads incredibly popular among both crypto investors and entrepreneurs. As the cryptocurrency market matures, launchpads will most likely play a major role in the acceleration of crypto adoption.

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