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How to purchase ‘For The Culture’ NFT collection


This is THE most EXCITING NFT drop in the whole audio NFT Market.

The landscape of entertainment media is evolving, and PVLACE’s NFT team is the first ever to integrate hip-hop culture with crypto culture by including 3D avatars paired to 1-of-1 production composed by top industry producers.

They have recently produced music for Young Thug, whose most recent album, Slime Language 2, debuted at number one on the “Billboard Albums Hot 100,” and are now working closely with Fomo Lab to release their collection to make it accessible to more audiences!

Featured in coin telegraph, Coin Market Cap, Crypto Daily and many other news outlets. We are glad to announce that ‘For The Culture’ NFT drop will be live and available only on on Monday 31st May.

‘Fomo Lab is partnering with PVLACE of 808 Mafia and Gunboi to drop their “For The Culture” collection on Fomo Lab’s own NFT platform, The Avenue. This collection will contain 387 intrinsically rare collectibles of music in the form of “mystery boxes” by PVLACE and Gunboi, who are multi-platinum, billboard chart-topping, industry-leading producers who have made music for some of the biggest names in hip-hop history, including Wiz Khalifa, Migos, Future and many more. The “For The Culture” collection will be launched on The Avenue on May 31.

Here we will be presenting you a guide on how purchasing will work:

Key details:

The drop will be available on Monday 31st May at 9pm UTC and the price is 2.99 BNB per NFT

There are 387* EXCLUSIVE NFTs with original studio quality full productions and samples with complete IP ownership of the underlying music and each will contain a unique beat which you can own fully, you can stake, sell or license that NFT.

Step 1:

Connect your following wallet to the avenue marketplace

Step 2:

Scroll down to the where it says ‘discover’ section, where this will then take you to the marketplace where you will be able to purchase the NFT’s

Step 3:

Click where it says buy (BNB), this will place you into an automatic smart contract randomiser, where there is full transparency as you can see the smart contract assigning each wallet to an NFT. This method was chosen as it would be the fairest way of operation, eliminating people monopolising the NFTs.

The NFT smart contract is available for view in the link above

Step 4:

After this go to the profile section of The Avenue marketplace. This will then direct you to purchased NFT’s.

This section will then filter you to ‘See NFTs purchased From Fomo Lab Gallery Page’

More stages will be added to this guide when the V2 is up. Stay Tuned!

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