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How to Setup a MetaMask Wallet and Deposit ETH

MetaMask is a free and secure crypto browser extension that enables web applications to read and interact with the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask allows users to buy, send, swap, and store cryptocurrencies.

In simple words, MetaMask is a free web and mobile cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to buy, send, swap, and store digital assets, connect with the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, and host a growing number of decentralised applications known as dApps. It is one of the world’s most broadly used cryptographic applications.

MetaMask has been a favourite crypto wallet for many Ethereum and crypto users due to its simple user experience (UX) and approachable design. Metamask is a multipurpose, powerful, and user-friendly portal to Web3 as a wallet that allows storage, swaps, and access to decentralised programs (dApps).

How to Setup a MetaMask

As mentioned above, MetaMask is user-friendly with an approachable design. You can start setting up your MetaMask wallet by downloading it from the official website and following the instructions. You can also select your platform to access the links or search in the respective app stores for iOS and Android.

MetaMask Browser Extension

After visiting the download page and clicking on “Install MetaMask for Chrome,” you will get redirected to the MetaMask extension page on the chrome web store.

Following this, install and add it to your browser toolbar just like installing any other Chrome extension.

Registration for MetaMask Wallet

Finally, you will see the following sentence: “To begin the registration process, click Get Started.”

After that, you will be given the choice to “Import Wallet” or “Create a Wallet” on the next screen. To create a new one, select “Create a Wallet.”

To move to the next step, you must first share data with MetaMask. You can also decline by clicking “No Thanks.” Don’t worry it won’t affect your experience. Next, make your selection and move on.

Next, you can create a secure password. The MetaMask team will highlight the importance of the secret recovery phrase with a short video. You can choose to watch it or ignore it and click “Next.”

Now is the time to write down your recovery phrase — make sure to do so on paper and store it safely offline.

Note that MetaMask does not save the recovery phrase.

If you didn’t save it, there’s a back button under the MetaMask symbol at the top. This will send you back to the previous page, where you can download and memorise the recovery phrase.

The “Confirm” button will light up once you’ve finished these steps. Click it, and you’re done. Congratulations! You just set up your MetaMask wallet.

Finally, on the congrats screen, click “All Done,” and it will lead you to your wallet dashboard.

How to Deposit Ethereum Into Your MetaMask Wallet

Depositing Ethereum into your MetaMask wallet can be done through TRANSAK, MoonPay, Wyre, and Ethereum.

TRANSAK: supports credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, MobiKwik, and bank transfers (depending on location) in more than 100 countries. You can directly buy ETH into your MetaMask account.

MoonPay: MoonPay supports popular payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and bank transfers in more than 145 countries worldwide. You can also directly deposit tokens into your MetaMask account.

Wyre: Wyre is similar to TRANSAK. It also lets you use a debit card to buy and deposit ETH into your MetaMask account.

Ethereum: This is for those who already have ETH. You can quickly use this means to get ETH into your new wallet by direct deposit.

Sending with MetaMask

To utilise this function, you’ll need the receiver’s public key. To transmit, go to the user dashboard and click “Send”, then enter the recipient’s public key.

After that, enter the amount you want to send and click “Next”.

After that, you can prioritise your transaction by adjusting the Estimated gas fee (miner’s tip).

Depending on the network conditions, transactions with extremely low miner tips are likely to be delayed or fail. However, especially if you’re new to this, it’s best to leave this alone for now. After that, click “Confirm”.

You can check your history, which will appear under the activity area once the transaction has been validated.

Token Swap

MetaMask allows you to exchange Ether and ERC-20 tokens. This wallet looks through all of the available exchanges and gives you the best deal.

Storing your NFTs safely:

You will be able to view your NFTs from your profile section on either Opensea, the Avenue or any other NFT platform or marketplace. When you connect your wallet to a site, your NFTs will be viewable in the profile section of the site.

You can also view your NFTs on the mobile Metamask app in the NFT section.


Please never share your recovery/seed phrase or password with anyone.

Be careful connecting your wallets to sites and make sure it is the legitimate website.

As always remember to stay safe out there, and enjoy being able to mint and own a piece of Mr Bean history!

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