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Important Announcement Regarding $FOMO Token Generation Event

Firstly, the team at Fomo Lab would like to thank our holders, partners and the wider community for the support of a whirlwind 13 months for Fomo Lab, especially in the current turbulent market conditions that we have been facing together.

Within just over a year of the Fomo Lab platform and the $FOMO token being brought to the market; the platform and token have gone from an idea to a revolutionary project that has accrued historical momentum, we have been innovating consistently and bringing ideas into the space that are going to change culture forever.

Fomo Lab innovated by bringing music intellectual property integrated into NFTs, creating one of the most valuable sporting NFTs in history, and blending the digital and physical world by creating NFTs that are either paired with physical artwork, such as the Tyson Fury NFT, or through NFTs that represent IRL (in real life) ownership like auctioning the first-ever German-engineered sports car on the blockchain with the limited edition Porsche 911, alongside collaborating with tier 1 traditional businesses and crypto projects which include (but are not limited to) Banijay, Mr Bean, Roland Berger, MEFCC (Middle East Film and Comic Con), Velas Chain, Netvrk, Crypto Oasis and many others!

Further to this, the Fomo Lab team hope our community is enjoying the exponential growth that is happening through the Mr Bean NFT collection — with new eyes on the Fomo Lab project, we are on the path to victory of bringing NFTs to the masses!

Regarding the $FOMO Token Generation Event (TGE), we are proposing to delay the launch. This decision has not been made lightly, the Fomo Lab team are considering many factors such as current market conditions across the cryptocurrency and NFT landscape, alongside our current holders of the $FOMO token being protected from shifting market conditions. We want to ensure that both potential new holders of the token and the early legacy investors of the Fomo Lab project are both equally rewarded for supporting our journey and growth.

Considering all these different factors, the $FOMO TGE will be launching in Q3 2022*.

This is based on some very high level technical and fundamental analysis of the markets as we believe there is a further potential downside to come before things get better for us all. Further to the amendment of the $FOMO TGE, the Fomo Lab team will be amending the launch of the FomoSTAKE dApp and the FomoLAUNCH pad to be in alignment with the TGE date.

The Fomo Lab team hope our community understands the decision that has been made. We understand the movement of the TGE date is less than ideal and we wish that we didn’t have to bring any further delays to this part of the project’s history, however, we hope for a strong launch at a later date. It’s important to us that legacy holders are insulated from the current market conditions, launching with the current sentiment seen in the market could heavily impact the appreciation/value of the token offering to a wider audience meaning we won’t see the growth we all know we are capable of achieving.

More updates regarding the $FOMO Token Generation Event will be released in the coming weeks to keep our community up to date. But what we would like to strongly re-iterate is that we are capable of delivering more value, more updates and more integrations into our ecosystem than most projects manage to do post raise.

We will ensure to showcase this to our community over the coming months so that you know our success as a project is not dependent on this raise but only further supplements it. Everything the Fomo Lab team have put into our roadmap will be actioned and taken incredibly seriously by the team as we want to ensure whilst you wait for the TGE you can see the growth that will happen from our transition from BSC to Ethereum.

Fomo Lab will be giving our community an update (and also a sneak peek) of:

  • The release of the Mr Bean NFT collection.
  • In-game trailer release of the Fomo MetaGALLERY (a game level experience that provides a new way of interacting inside the metaverse with Unreal Engine 5).
  • Details, updates & access to the Fomo Lab Meta Key. The key that unlocks the entire Fomo ecosystem.
  • FomoVERSE developer updates as we move forward with the beta release.
  • Update on the Battle Chain gaming platform and the play and earn ecosystem being built.
  • Passive staking rewards for users who have $FOMO assets paused under the current launch delay.
  • Regular Snapshot updates will be added to airdrops and opportunities for users that want to join us on Ethereum.

*(subject to market conditions)

Who are Fomo Lab?

Fomo Lab has acclaimed the titles of Intellectual Property Specialist, Leaders in Web3, Metaverse Architects, Bespoke Art Creation Studios and future technologies Management and consultant company.

Fomo Lab has partnered with over 30+ blockchain and traditional companies ensuring the project is bringing NFTs to the masses. Fomo Lab’s partner portfolio includes Banijay, Tyson Fury, Goldstar Promotions, Mark Cavendish, Pvlace 808 Mafia, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, Roland Berger, MEFCC (Middle East and Film Comic Con) alongside Crypto/DeFi/NFT/Metaverse centric partners such as Arts DAO, Dubai Peeps, Velas Chain and many others.

Fomo Lab has been created by a team of NFT maximalists who are revolutionising the Web3, DeFi, Crypto, NFT and Metaverse space by bringing NFT applications to the masses.

Join the Fomo Lab community:


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