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Krypto Playboy Capital and FOMO Lab are excited to announce a new partnership alignment

Krypto Playboy Capital (KPC) is an Australian-run Venture Capital Network that invests in early startup decentralized blockchain technology.

Director, Simo Vukmirica, also known as Krypto Playboy firmly believes that Crypto will change our lives for the better, and wants to ensure that more people are educated and engaged about crypto to not only grow the crypto landscape but to also change people’s lives for the better.

KPC covers a range of expertise in the blockchain/ DeFi space including; capital and funding, legal and financial advice, strategy, and design and marketing credibility.

FOMO Lab believes that this strategic partnership will align us closer to the mission of "bringing NFT’s to the masses". A varied network of different chains, as well as different blockchain-centric partners, will allow FOMO Lab to take the product suite to new territory. The partnership support from KPC will excel FOMO Lab moving forward in the NFT, DeFi, and blockchain environment.

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