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Live Community AMA

On Sunday 25th April, Fomo Lab held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with the Fomo community. We hold these to give our community the best insight into the future projections of the project and what we have lined up.

This AMA was held by the CEO (Pixasso) and COO (BlankSea).

How come we saw almost no one shout out FOMO at this Miami Crypto yet this even was apparently had FOMO everywhere?

Hey guys. Good question! We have been shouted out a lot behind the scenes. Not as much as we expected. We have relayed this back to the Miami team as we all (rightly so) wanted max exposure for the project.

On short notice we are main sponsors, this seemed like a great opportunity which it has been! For FOMOlab this is only but one piece to the puzzle.

In terms of benefitting, all auctions now and future will be hosted alongside FOMO. As mentioned before an element of the profits are redistributed in the staking rewards. So far its been a great venture for us.

Pixasso answering questions about future influencers
CEO and COO answering question in relation to new marketing and pr team
COO talking about previous experiences
Questions in relation to staking and functionality
Question carried over

We would just like to thank everyone who takes part in these community AMA’s and hope that answering your questions help the understanding grow from Fomo Lab to you.

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