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Metaverse Development: The Titans Have Arrived

Web3 is a new framework for decentralized applications (dApps) that aims to make blockchain technology more user-friendly and accessible to the masses by opening up the metaverse to companies and individuals around the world.

It’s still early days and we can’t fully predict what this new universe will look like once everyone who is active on today’s Web2 internet gets involved. We can however get a pretty good understanding from looking at how the early adapters have integrated it into our everyday lives already.

What will the metaverse look like in the future?

The future will be 3D, immersive and interactive and take our internet experience to a whole new level. Various tech companies, including Fomo Lab, are working on creating and perfecting the technologies needed to make this new world come to life.

Industries of all shapes and sizes are adapting including major fashion brands which let you shop in the metaverse, financial institutions that let you visit virtual casinos and gaming consuls that let you be part of a whole new immersive world. This is a huge step forward from the original internet that some of us grew up with, which was text-based and today’s which is media-dominated (predominantly populated with text, video, and images).

Entertainment in the metaverse

The way we interact with the entertainment and art industry is also rapidly changing. If you grew up enjoying Mr. Bean’s comic shows, you will be pleased to learn that an NFT collection of Mr. Bean went on sale on Fomo Lab’s marketplace The Avenue on 25th May this year. The genesis Mr Bean NFT collection is the first of it’s kind and the rewards and utilities for holders are currently being deployed which range from physical exclusive signed prints to digital assets that have usability in the FomoVERSE (Fomo Lab’s native metaverse platform)

Although we are currently witnessing a bear market in the crypto world, the phenomenal global interest in Mr. Bean saw the historic character’s digital NFT artwork collection gain huge traction. At Fomo Lab we specialize in helping brands and individuals leverage the Web 3 revolution while getting into the NFT space. Some of the tier 1 brands we are currently working with to guide into the metaverse include Gypsy King, Banijay, MEFCC and Roland Berger; to name only a few.

At the moment, we can only imagine what the final form of the metaverse will be by taking a look at what individual companies are working on in diverse fields like decentralized finance, online gaming, art and entertainment. As the years go by and the different technologies mature, the metaverse is likely to become a parallel world to the physical world in which we live. Moving seamlessly from the physical world to the metaverse will soon become the norm.

These brands are titans in their own right and are generating a new demographic community base with the announcement of their entry into the metaverse and adapting their service offering to suit the expectations of their future client base. Imagine the companies of the offerings can come up with when they are working together with a metaverse expert Fomo Lab — together we will shape the metaverse and bring NFTs to the masses

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