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The “For The Culture” Collection is Live on FOMO Lab’s own Platform, “The Avenue”

Exciting news for music lovers and crypto enthusiasts as FOMO Lab partners with PVLACE of 808 MAFIA and GUNBOI to drop the “For the Culture’’ NFT collection. The collection is now live on Fomo Lab’s NFT platform, The Avenue, containing 387 rare collectibles of the music industry. These collectibles can be purchased as “mystery boxes” by PVLACE and Gunboi.

While several sports teams, players, artists, celebrities, etc., have launched their collectibles, PVLACE and Gunboi are the first musicians and producers to enter the crypto ecosystem.
This collection will include 3D avatar characters paired to 1 of 1 production composed by the top producers in the industry.

For The Culture

The product of the partnership between FOMO Lab and 808 MAFIA and Gunboi is the “For The Culture” collection that will include exclusive items that directly correlate to exclusive music and instrumental compositions. The main purpose of this partnership is to secure the copyright of rare items and sell the full rights of the music using NFTs.

Every NFT in this collection has a unique music composition, a one-of-a-kind avatar of celebrity, and other items. It is the first move by the music industry to enter the crypto world and is done by none other than PVLACE and GUNBOI. They are renowned music producers who have worked for several big names in the industry, such as Young Thug, Wiz Khalifa, Migos, Future, etc.

GUNBOI, aka Tchakalla Romeo, said, “Every collectible is an homage to how we felt when we were younger and Fomo Lab understands and believes in that, too.. This culture is meant to be a comprehensive examination of hip-hop in all forms.”

It is one of a kind initiative and proves the capabilities and use cases of FOMO Lab.

It’s an exclusive partnership between PVLACE of 808 MAFIA and Gunboi, who have produced several music compositions that hit the top 100 on Billboard Music. The “for the culture collection” is only available on the Avenue, the FOMO Lab’s NFT platform, starting from today 1st June at 9PM UTC.

Every NFT will be sold individually and costs 2 BNB, which is a lot more affordable than the traditional price of USD 20,000. Pvlace and Gunboi believe that hip-hop originated from the people and for the people, which inspired the name for the collection.

They want to empower the music industry while making it accessible to everyone and setting new music industry standards. It is a great win for FOMO Lab and the crypto ecosystem, as one of the largest industries in the world is starting to incorporate NFTs.

More stages will be added to this guide when the V2 is up. Stay Tuned!

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Fomo Lab Partners with PVLACE of 808 MAFIA and Gunboi to drop their “For the Culture” Collection…

Fomo Lab partners with PVLACE of 808 MAFIA and GUNBOI to drop their “FOR THE CULTURE” collection on Fomo Lab’s own NFT…

About FOMO Lab

FOMO Lab is a complete suite of DeFi NFT platforms, a management company, and creating a studio. Every NFT released on The Avenue is carefully vetted before release. The company caters to a wide range of exclusive clients such as musicians, celebrities, athletes, rappers, digital creatives, artists, and influencers.

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