FOMOPOP5 for May 16, 2017

Fly to Europe for <$365, $50 for Fiat Test Drive, $5 Off at Amazon

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Mind Blower of the Week

In 1956, an eyewitness to Abraham Lincoln’s assassination appeared on “I’ve Got a Secret.” No way. Yes way.

Who says Segways are only for mall cops…

We were at Walgreens last week and a security guard blocked the door with his Segway. If only we had a Segway to block his Segway.

Segway Mini-Pro
$499 @ Amazon (Free Prime Shipping) — Normally $799

Why you want it:

  • $100 less than the cheapest price EVER!
  • Top speed 10mph with 14 mile range
  • Headlights so you can travel during day and night
  • Lightweight and portable so you can carry on the train or subway

A quick segue to flights to Europe for $363+…

Totally nailed that one. They might be taking away our laptops, but they’ll never take away our cheap round-trip flights to Europe.

Flights to Europe
$363+ @ Delta, Air France, & KLM (August 2017 — March 2018)

How to get it:

  • Go to Google Flights
  • Search from NY, LA, SF, MIA, BOS to Zurich, Vienna, Berlin, & Brussels
  • Wide availability from August 2017 — March 2018

You mean Dollar Shave Club isn’t a dollar?

Turns out Dollar Shave Club costs $3/mo. It’s like going into a dollar store and finding out that everything is over a dollar. So we found a better deal instead.

Dorco Razor with 2 Blades
For Him: $2.50 (was $8) @ Dorco (Free Shipping) with Code: SDEALSP725
For Her: $2.00 (was $6.50)@ Dorco (Free Shipping) with Code: SDEALS515A

Party in the USA…

I got my ketchup, for my hot dog. I know I’m gonna be okay. My hunger pangs fly away. Yeah, it’s a party in the USA.

$5 off Amazon Pantry BBQ Items
$5 off when you spend $20 @ Amazon Prime Pantry (No Code Required)

Free stuff we got this week (actually they paid us)…

We’re pretty good at getting free stuff, but getting paid for doing nothing even impresses us.

Test drive a Fiat for $50 in Gilt credit
FREE @ Gilt City — well actually you get paid

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