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Fonk Cape Town

Meet Gugulethu Mhlanga

This time we point the spotlight at software engineer and keen designer, Gugs.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

What do you like about working at Fonk?
The chilled work culture.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I play Piano.

What is your favourite spot in Cape Town?
On top of Devil’s Peak.

What book are you currently reading?
The Shack by William P. Young.

What keeps you fresh?
I enjoy great movies that comprise of a good story, well thought motion sound tracks or slapping cinematic effects. Secondly, I visit art galleries to understand art & popular culture. Lastly, I grew up highly disadvantaged, hence I consistently visit places that are the same to keep the reason why I do what I do fresh.

With a digital focus, which real world problems would you love to solve with an app?
Global Food Shortage




A collection of stories from the family that is Fonk Cape Town.

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