Font of the week — Aleo

Slab fonts have shown a resurgence in the last few years to give businesses and brands either a hip and trendy retro character or a modern, friendly yet common tone. Theres just something very honest and modest about slab fonts such as Aleo today and the way they are used.

They have a slight throwback to the old typewriter style but there not as rigid or conservative in style. The Aleo font is one type that stands out from the rest because its a little bit different. Rather then being just a slab font reminiscent of a typewriter, it also has those tiny angled lines on the serifs reminding me of a Roman Type.

The great thing about Aleo is that ever format gives it a very different look. In its regular form its quite conservative and great for readability and paragraphs but if you put it in bold it turns into a trendy retro font. If you capitalise it in “light” then you get a clean cut and stylish font. Definitely one to add to the collection.

Author: Alessio Laiso

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