Font of the week — Boris Black Bloxx

I love this fat chubby font! I don’t know if it’s the warm pleasing personality it has or the fact that it looks like and reminds me of myself but on a professional note it just happens to be designed very well.

Although it’s not always appropriate to use due it’s size, Boris Black Bloxx can turn any piece into a friendlier, universal and welcoming design. Its great usability lies in its simplicity as a type design and in its difference of being a bit of large font making it a good choice for headlines or logos.

I find it perfect for when you need a friendly, simple yet soothing tone of voice with an obvious big presence. Like a big friendly giant.

Boris Black Bloxx is a classic typeface for me and what I think really sets it apart from other fat faces are the small rounded edges on each element of construction.

Designed by Type legend Manfred Klein

Heres how we used it for a project a few years back

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