Font of the week — Jenna Sue

Script or hand written fonts are too decorative for the type of projects I usually work on but once in a while a project lands on my lap where in my mind nothing else will do the job better then a hand written type with a personal touch.

I’ll search high and low to find the right script font until I see one and think “ah, that might work” but sadly when push comes to shove it doesn’t.

The problem here is that style tends to supersede eligibility when it comes to hand written script fonts so finding one with the right combination of personal style, character, build but yet still be eligible is a hard task.

A few years ago though I found one that does the job tremendously called Jenna Sue.

Designed by Jenna Sue (of course!), the Jenna Sue font is a favourite of mine because its a script font with a handwriting style that remains eligible.

Typically its used for quite happy and maybe even feminine pieces but I’ve found that it can work in a variety of ways which are a little more funky and extravagant.

It looks like it was hand written with a marker pen which gives it some illustrative flair without being overly artsy and likewise the slightly slanted stance along with its natural hand writing character give it a real personal flavour.

Designed by Jenna Sue

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